Condemn TV Network for Supporting Trophy Hunter


Target: NBC Universal

Goal: Condemn for supporting Melissa Bachman’s trophy hunting

The NBC show host Melissa Bachman, host of Winchester Deadly Passion, posted a picture of her posing with a lion she shot. Bachman is a well-known trophy hunter. Her website and Facebook page have many photos of animals she has killed. On Winchester Deadly Passion, which airs on NBC Sports, she is shown laughing and giving the camera the ‘thumbs-up’ every time she kills a wild animal.

The HSUS has written a letter to NBC to urge them to take Bachman’s show off the air. “As a matter of broadcast industry standards and practices because of the offensive and violent nature of the underlying behavior,” they urge the network to reconsider their programming and take this show and others off the air. The network also airs many hunting shows where the inhumane and unsustainable practice of trophy hunting takes place.

Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of The Humane Society of the United States said in a letter to NBC: “Melissa Bachman’s online boasting about her African lion kill is shameful, especially considering African lion populations are struggling to survive and belong on the endangered species list. We urge NBC to no longer air shows that feature Bachman, and to further take stock of its hunting-related programming to no longer promote killing as a head-hunting exercise.”

Trophy hunting involves shooting apex predators and other rare species for their heads or hides for display purposes. In some of these hunts, the trophy hunters kill rare animals confined in enclosures that prevent the animals from even having a chance to escape. This practice is generally referred to as “canned” or captive hunting.

The African Lion population has diminished by more than half over the last 30 years. They now occupy 1/4 of their historic range. These lions are frequently trophy hunted, leading to diminishing numbers. The Humane Society of the United States has petitioned the U.S. government to list the African Lion as an endangered species to stop trophy hunters and help rekindle the African Lion population.

What Bachman is doing does not belong on TV and should not be supported by a network. Urge NBC to take her off the air now.


Dear NBC Universal,

Melissa Bachman, host of the show Winchester Deadly Passion, which airs on your NBC Sports network, has been shown multiple times with kills she has trophy hunted. Trophy hunting is deplorable and unsustainable and does not need to be supported by a national TV network. Recently, she was boasting online about an African Lion she had killed. African Lion populations are less than half of what they were 30 years ago. They are struggling and should not be shot simply for entertainment.

I urge you to take Ms. Bachman off the air. Her attitude towards threatened species is not one that you need on your network. I also urge you to reconsider the hunting programs you air. Simply viewing hunting as a notch on the belt or a head on the wall is not sustainable and will lead to the decline and eventual endangerment or extinction of many species.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Trisha M Shears via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Katie Kelly says:

    That arrogant,ignorant female would do well to remember that “You reap what you sow” death to an innocent animal is beyond comprehension. Hope this bitch is sterile. The LAST thing this planet needs is more Defective DNA. Looking at the photos of this soul less creature & those “she” killed I cannot find any signs of “intelligent life”.

  2. I have always been against can hunting. It is cruel and doesn’t allow the animal to get away. This is not hunting ( which I am also against ) this is a way for the rich to show off. They are all cowards and this form of hunting needs to be stopped

  3. Patricia Wicker says:

    This Bitch is Sadistic Demented and Extremely Cruel, She Needs to be STOPPED, The Humane Race is getting worse by the day having such sick people walking around!!!!!

  4. Reidun Carstens says:

    Melissa Bachman, host of the show Winchester Deadly Passion = Persona non Grata.

    She Needs to be STOPPED, The Humane Race is getting worse by the day having such sick people walking around!!!!!

  5. These TV networks are unable, or unwilling, to see the bigger picture (excuse the pun). All they’re interested in is the almighty dollar and not the environment and the future of this planet. That’s why shallow people like Melissa Bachman are allowed to show off their cowardly kills. It would be better if they encouraged Bachman to renounce her murderous lifestyle and instead produce documentaries on conservation.

  6. Patricia Wicker says:

    She is a Sick Sadistic Woman!!!! I don’t have enough words to describe how EVIL AND CRUEL SHE IS!!!!!!

  7. Cecily Colloby. says:

    EVIL,EVIL excuse for a woman!Someone should shoot her -then WE could all give the thumbs up!!!

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