Remove Facebook Video of Kitten Being Set on Fire


Target: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Goal: Remove video of kitten being burned alive

According to the Facebook community guidelines, it is perfectly acceptable to upload a video of a young kitten being doused in gasoline and then set on fire since it does not breach any rules. The disturbing video, which appears not to be uploaded by the men who shot the video, was first reported by user Kieran Dunwel, who expressed his concern for the footage’s graphic, violent content. However, after about six hours of waiting, Dunwel received a message from the staff stating that they had “reviewed the video [he] reported for containing graphic violence and found it doesn’t violate [their] Community Standards.” Over 14,000 comments from users who voiced their disgust and anger have been made on the video.

The short clip shows two unidentified men who torture a young kitten by stuffing it into a bucket before one of the men begins to pour flammable liquid onto it and into the bucket.After the kitten is set on fire, it manages to tip over the bucket to escape and desperately tries to run away while being slowly engulfed in flames. When the kitten rolls over onto the ground, either to extinguish the flames or out of agony and exhaustion, one of the men pours even more of the flammable liquid onto it. A moment later, one man nudges the barely moving kitten with his foot while the other man pours the rest of the liquid onto its body. After the flames are finally put out, the camera zooms closer to the helpless animal as it struggles to gasp for air, and the footage ends with one of the men placing a paper bag over it.

Unfortunately, Facebook often allows questionable and disturbing videos to be freely uploaded on the site. The community standards state, “When people share any content, we expect that they will share in a responsible manner. That includes choosing carefully the audience for the content. For graphic videos, people should warn their audience about the nature of the content in the video so that their audience can make an informed choice about whether to watch it.”

Please sign this petition to urge Facebook to remove the video of a helpless kitten being set on fire, since it is not condemning animal cruelty but rather promoting it.


Dear Mark Zuckerberg,

Facebook’s Community Guidelines need to change. There are so many pages, images, and videos depicting animal cruelty that are protected by the guidelines as a form of freedom of speech, but why should cruelty ever be permissible?

The video of a kitten being burned alive should not be allowed on your website. It is graphic and violent. I am asking you to take down the footage immediately.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: CleverGrrl via Flickr

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  1. When man loses his humanity towards animals then he loses his humanity towards his own species. Shame on Facebook for letting this video stay up. When young people are exposed to pain and torture inflicted on animals, it hardens them to it, makes them feel this is everyday life, and eventually don’t think anything of it. When they grow up it starts a cycle of abuse towards people in their life. Our world is violent enough. Facebook sickens me, I am shutting my page down.

  2. Pamela Hausmann says:

    I have seen many videos that are abusive on fb. I think its time all ANIMAL people leave fb (and anything connected with fb), meaning they lose money! That seems to be the only thing mr.z cares about (ever hear about him donating to any charities?). Better yet, lets start a petition to have him charged for promoting ANIMAL CRUELTY!!

    • That’s basically it, Pamela. Unless we (and the other 14,000 who initially left comments)threaten to leave FB, they won’t take it seriously. That’s the only way that we get leverage. If we’re not going to do that, then we should stop bitching. As far as I’m concerned, if you promote it you’re as guilty as the vermin who did it.

  3. sharon baker says:

    This is sick beyond words abd I can just imagine the kids ..teens or adults who want their 15 minutes of fame watching this will get so many ideas. Stuff like this nit only is violent and sick but also only ADDS MORE ABUSE BY THISE WHO WANT TI COPY IT!!!!! TAKE GARBAGE LIKE THIS OFF!!!!!! I THOUGHT YOUR SITES HAD MORE INTEGRITY. THAN TO SHIE CRAP LIKE THIS.THIS HAS KEFT A BLACK MARK IN YOU AS WELL AS THE IDIOTS. THAT FILM SUCH HORRIFIC ACTS! THEY SHOULD VE JAILED!!!!!!!

  4. What a disgusting thing for Facebook to promote. Facebook’s management and staff should be charged with animal abuse.

  5. Facebook is a social community — it is not a news service so don’t give me “freedom of the press” or “free speech” pep talks. Facebook should be more respectful of its audience; even the nightly news would not replay such a video or make it available for gawkers.

    Mark, you and your wife just had a child and are now donating 99% of your fortune to further equality and cultural awareness. Clearly you want to make a difference in the world. So I ask how does allowing this video mesh with those goals? Would you want your daughter finding it on Facebook?

    When I see videos of animals being tortured I feel like it is time to find a new, safer community where I don’t have to worry about seeing things I would never, ever search out on my own.

    Facebook removed my sister’s pictures of her breastfeeding her baby — no nips, nothing vulgar, but you declared it “inappropriate.”

    You have removed countless business ads I created because they were 1% over text quota. You have time to tell me I cannot say this or that in an ad and yet do not have time to remove a video the promotes violence against animals?

    It is time to bring Facebook’s values closer in line with the community it serves.

  6. They are all disgusting!

  7. sandra mason says:

    how is it even possible that an actual human being could NOT consider this wrong?? I would gladly kill every staff member who has no problem with this along with the original
    asshole. I could kill people like this and not have any guilt at all. I would consider it a favor to the world.

  8. charles hall says:

    most of these freaks wouldn’t do this crap if they didn’t have an audience. take facebook and any other “forum” like U tube away from them. don’t let them brag about it. put them in prison and let them brag there!

  9. Donna Barney says:

    Why isn’t Facebook aiding Law Enforcement when people use it for illegal activity? I think it should stay up while investigated by Law Enforcement.People please hard copy while there is a chance for Law Enforcement.

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