Remove Seal Meat From Menu at Food Festival


Target: Eric Pateman, President of Edible Canada

Goal: Remove seal-based dishes from menu created for upcoming Vancouver food festival.

Vancouver restaurant Edible Canada has made the controversial decision to include seal on its menu for the Dine Out Vancouver Festival later this month. The seals used for the menu would be part of Canada’s infamous annual seal hunt, which has been heavily criticized over the years by activists as a cruel and unnecessary tradition.

Eric Pateman, the restaurant’s president, has defended his choice to include these beloved animals on the menu, claiming that the meat is sustainable and no different than serving more conventional types of animal protein. While it is true that any distinctions that consumers make between the types of meat they will and will not eat are largely arbitrary, it is still a grave concern when anyone attempts to normalize the consumption of yet another species of animal — especially a wild one.

Tell Pateman that seal meat should be left off the menu by signing below.


Dear Mr. Pateman,

I strongly urge you to reconsider the inclusion of seal meat on Edible Canada’s menu for this year’s Dine Out Vancouver Festival. Your claim that seal meat is sustainable does nothing to reassure concerned animal lovers that it is not inhumane.

The annual seal hunt has always been and will continue to be a heated point of debate and controversy. In light of this, consider the omission of seal meat from the menu a neutral position, rather than one that contradicts your personal support of seal hunting. The fleeting novelty of including an unconventional menu item is not worth the opposition it will bring. Please leave seals off the menu.


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  2. Wendy Waltenberg says:

    Hope everyone boycotts his restaurant. Only way owner will understand. Hurt where it hurts the most – his pocket !!

  3. Bev Woodburn says:

    These fucks will buy and consume all types of flesh whether they have never consumed it before. All this is purely for their greedy blood money. They know of the unimaginable atrocities these precious Seals endure by the vile and sadistic hands of the
    Canadian murdering sealers and yet they encourage the consumption of these precious sentient beings purely for their GREED.

  4. Please take seal meat off the menu. There is no need to kill even more animals for human consumption. Don’t we as humans consume enough animals to satisfy our needs? All animals are precious, all animals should be allowed to live their lives in their entirety. Humans, it seems, just want to kill everything that moves and eat it. We need to draw a line and stop this murder if every species for unecessary food.

  5. Marion Ambler says:

    There is also the issue there is increasing mercury contamination of seals. Look it up. It is disgusting they want to : Start on another animal; profit off our wild animals; and they know there is increasing mercury contamination of seals. There should be NO PROFITS MADE OFF OUR WILD ANIMALS. They belong to all of us.

  6. Linda Evans says:

    I love the seals in our Seal Cove in La Jolla, CA. They must not be eaten, or clubbed, or hurt in any way. They love their families and they like humans if treated well. They are endearing creatures.

  7. Yolanda Bernhard says:

    All shall suffocate at meat

  8. Sydney Myers says:

    I’m a Canadian citizen and I would never harm a seal, let alone eat one. People who club these beautiful, helpless animals to death are sociopaths; no mentally stable individual could do so. I would boycott any restaurant that serves seal on the menu, just as I have boycotted those that serve shark fin..

  9. HEY, Eric Pateman… YOU DID KNOW that your newest attempt to raise your restaurant’s profile will result in people eating cruelty????? With an overwhelming majority of the population calling for an end to the annual, brutal killing of baby seals for FASHION (the meat JUST a byproduct), your SUDDEN decision to add “seal” to the menu represents a giant step backwards. By serving seals on plates, you are participating in the senseless, cruel hunt, and promoting it… Never MIND sustainability (sounds kind of like a trendy “excuse”, really), the point is that it is INHUMANE. You claim that it (seal meat) is “tradition” and historically relevant…well actually, NOT REALLY. The only TRADITION involved is the modern tradition of the barbaric fashion industry driven slaughter… INDIGENOUS USE of seal, far up north, involves survival and necessity in harsh conditions, it is humble, personal and minimal, with no waste, reverent, even spiritual – the idea of you suddenly catering mass amounts of fashion-industry butchered seal, a different kind of slaughter, to people who DON’T NEED IT in an urban (and suburban) environment as a trendy “gourmet dish” (pricey), is altogether a DIFFERENT story – presented for fame and notoriety, it is a PERVERSION…an insult even. The novelty “grab” seems opportunistic, and phony…
    THE CONCERN is you attempting to “normalize” the consumption of a species not asked for or needed in an urban environment and for the sheer sake of personal NOTORIETY, in the process, adding to the burden of an already tortured and suffering animal… DON’T ADD to all the suffering…. JUST leave the seals alone.

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