Urge Foundation to No Longer Release Captive-Bred Birds


Target: Michael Weinstein, President of AIDS Healthcare Foundation

Goal: Don’t release captive-bred doves into the wild.

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) has released 98 doves in honor of the victims of the tragic Pulse nightclub attack in Orlando, Florida. While it seems like a thoughtful gesture, birds bred and raised in captivity begin to panic when they are released into unknown wild, and these birds do not no how to survive in the wild. It is safer for the birds if they are not released into wild habitats.

The doves are captive-bred birds and are accustomed to being brought food and living in a safe haven. When they are released, the birds often wander around frantically while looking for familiar surroundings. They can wander for days without food in a desperate attempt to feel safe. They are also exposed to extreme weather conditions, predators and other dangerous threats that they have never had to deal with before.

Sign this petition and urge AHF to find a new way to honor victims of tragedies instead of releasing these innocent birds that are not familiar with wild environments.


Dear Mr. Weinstein,

Recently, your organization released 98 doves to honor the victims of the tragic Pulse nightclub attack in Orlando, Florida. While this seems like a nice gesture, what happens to the birds afterwards is quite terrible.

These birds are captive-bred and protected from the threats of the wild including predators and extreme weather conditions. The birds are accustomed to having a safe haven and having food brought to them. Once they are released, the birds often wander for days without food in search of familiar surroundings where they can feel safe. They are also exposed to all the threats they were once protected of and have never learned how to deal with those threats.

Please consider finding another way to honor the victims of this horrible attack or similar attached in the future. There are many ways to keep the memory of these victims alive while being kind to all creatures on this earth.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: mali maeder

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  1. Arlene Steinberg says:

    This was done at the Tournament of Roses Parade and was part of the float display of this AIDS organization.

    The people who died at the Pulse nightclub in Florida didn’t die from AIDS or from bird flu. They were shot to death by a hater who had easy access to a gun.
    A far better memorial to the gay people who were killed would be to work for stronger gun control and better containment of hate crimes.

    Bird releases are disastrous for the birds and most never make it home; even trained birds are disoriented and often caught by predators. They should be outlawed, along with balloon releases (until such time as balloons can be made out of quickly biodegradable material).

  2. This is stupid and not thought through. What does the birds have to do with this tragic incident? now you have 2 tragic incidents instead.

  3. WtF????!!!!! This is in NO way a “thoughtful gesture”! It’s pure exploitation of yet another animal just for the stupid sake of pomp and fanfare, with NO regard for the birds so USED AND THEN ABANDONED! Wtf is wrong with these stupid, callous, mindless, conscience-challenged fools in organizations?!?!?! Way to ‘support’ LIFE…NOT!!!! F’in MORONS.

  4. Dawn Kuiper says:

    Unbelievable how callous, thoughtless, moronic (and I could go on & on) people can be. People like this should be charged with animal neglect or something. I hope karma visits them soon.

  5. Dustin Everhart says:

    This is literally a petition to ban birds from flying full of disrespectful comments about people who wait for it….. Let there birds fly! Hahahahahaha This has got to be the biggest joke ever! Those birds were not abandoned! There homing pigeons, they flew home! Sure predators like hawks would be attracted to a white pigeon but in a huge flock like that it would be very hard for them to single one out. Zebras do the same thing. Please think about what you are doing before signing this. And look i typed that whole comment with out calling any one names.

  6. Dustin Everhart says:

    I shall also point out that these pigeons have been bred for countless years to be fast, strong, and smart. They fly around the loft for hours almost every day. They are also let go at a short distance of a mile or 2 and slowly progress to longer distances so they have already encountered all the same threats as wild pigeons, and know how to deal with them. Most racing homers can survive in the wild with no problem, though there is no need, because they come home. As for that “They are also exposed to extreme weather conditions, predators and other dangerous threats that they have never had to deal with before.” As I already mentioned they know how to evade predators. Most have dealt with bad weather before, but there is no need, weddings are postponed for bad weather. The actual letter it self has bold faced lies in it. You may be against white dove release but they are highly trained, not helpless.

  7. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & shared❗?

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