Beloved Deer Shot in Front of Family Deserves Justice


Target: Robin Jennison, Kansas Secretary of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism

Goal: Make policy changes and retrain officers who executed a deer in front of a family that it had befriended.

The Mcgaughey family has shared a video of an interaction which led to the death of a beloved wild deer that they had spent time with for the past 22 months. A complaint was made about the family keeping the deer after they posted that they were concerned about the animal on Facebook. The family says that the deer was never kept in any formal enclosure. According to the family, they had 45 minutes between being notified by authorities that their interactions with the deer were illegal, and when the animal was shot by wardens who arrived on their property. Killing this deer might have been unnecessary, and shooting it in front of the family was cruel. The wardens responsible should receive empathy training and the department should re-examine this shoot-first policy.

Officials say that the wardens acted within their authority due to the threat that a wild deer can pose. Deer can carry diseases or attack humans. While this may be true, it does not mean that the deer could not have been relocated or that shooting it on the Mcgaughey property was justified. Some creative thinking could have spared this poor deer’s life and the prevented a family from feeling the loss of an animal that had grown close to them.

It is important that public officials carry out their jobs with empathy. The Mcgaughey family was also hit with a fine for keeping the animal as the pet. The family had let the deer in the house when she would knock or bray at the door. It is outrageous that they are being fined for developing a relationship with an animal while hunters are celebrated for shooting them.

It is time that Kansas rethink its policies on euthanizing wild animals. Sign this petition to demand that these officers receive empathy training and to ask the Department of Wildlife in Kansas to change its policies.


Dear Secretary Jennison,

Recently a deer was shot by game wardens after it had become attached to a local family in Ulysses, Kansas. The officers that killed the deer were acting, in their minds, to protect the family from a deer attack or from diseases that the deer potentially had. Despite their intentions, their actions resulted in the death of an innocent animal and the grief of a family.

The deer could have been relocated with a little extra work by the officers. The shooting should not have taken place on the Mcgaughey property. Some creative thinking could have spared this poor deer’s life and the family grief. Please see to it that these officers receive empathy training so that they are better able to cope with emotionally charged situations like this, and see to it that the Department of Wildlife in Kansas changes its policies on euthanizing wild animals.


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Photo Credit: SandJLikins

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  1. Euthanise these fucking officers. I’ll pay for the bullets.

  2. “Deer can carry diseases or attack humans.” … Humans can also carry diseases and attack other humans, why don’t we euthanize more of them?

  3. Sydney Myers says:

    A deer? These grown men (women?) were so fearful for their lives that they had to murder an innocent deer? This is inexcusable. While I agree that no wild animal should ever be kept as a pet (although, it doesn’t necessarily apply in this case), murder is not the solution. These so-called Wardens are nothing more than HEARTLESS COWARDS. I hope and pray that their actions not only bring severe consequences (which we all know won’t happen…) but that they are haunted by their actions – in their dreams – for the rest of their lives.

    Hey Everyone …. ever notice how so many individuals, who are paid to protect wildlife, seem to think that MURDER is the only solution when a beautiful wild animal is not in the right place ??|!?!?! ~ I am so sick and tired of hearing stories about game wardens, police officers and such who are so brain-dead that their only solution in dealing with animals is MURDER !!!

    • Denise Baudin says:

      Right on! What are the names of those macho “wardens/animal killers”? Where exactly is their “police station” in Kensas so that we can give these gun happy poor representative of the police force the publicity they deserve?

  4. this state needs consciousness raising along with many others (like arizona et al)

  5. This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard! This deer – as most deer – posed no threat, nor would she ever. Deer are not predatory and do not stalk and kill humans. Asinine! Fish and wildlife agencies want to maintain a hunter/”game” balance because it’s a source of revenue. The only “threat” is if people became empathetic and compassionate toward “game” animals and there is a decline in issuing hunting licenses, guns purchases and everything else that goes along with the hunting industry. God forbid we learn to live peacefully with “wildlife!”

  6. Bear de Mel says:

    Every action carries it’s own karma, for good or ill.

  7. Wendy Waltenberg says:

    I cannot believe that game wardens would even consider shooting a deer in front on this family. Obviously they have no affinity for animals and should not be employed in the current jobs.
    They would be better off in some nasty slaughterhouse on the other side of the world.

  8. dorothy murray says:

    These wardens are nothing more than cruel heartless monsters and should not be in any job that concerns animals sack the frigging lot of them.

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