Justice for Deer Cruelly Stabbed and Suffocated by Poachers


Target: Allen Koppy, Morton County State’s Attorney

Goal: Seek animal cruelty charges against poachers seen in video footage cruelly killing a whitetail buck.

A video  shows a whitetail buck being stabbed multiple times by a group of men who suffocate the animal by shoving its nose in the mud. The people involved in the incident, which occurred near the Dakota Access protest camps, have yet to be identified.

The video footage shows several men swimming into the river and pulling a struggling deer back to shore. After cruelly murdering the animal, the men appear to celebrate by giving each other high fives. The Game and Fish Department released the video to the public and asked for help identifying the cruel poachers. According to investigators, the men could face animal cruelty charges, but the investigation has been turned over to the state attorney’s office to decide.

This is a horrific, savage way to kill an innocent animal. Whoever is responsible for this has gotten away with this deplorable cruelty for too long. Please add your name to this signature to demand that the men involved be charged with animal cruelty and prosecuted to the fullest extent the law allows.


Dear Mr. Koppy,

A group of unidentified men were seen in video footage stabbing and suffocating a whitetail buck near the Dakota Access protest camps. The innocent buck was struggling in the river when the malicious group pulled it to shore, then stabbed it before shoving the animal’s nose in the mud. They’re seen celebrating afterward, as if they’re proud of the cruel act.

We’re calling on you to see to it that these men aren’t allowed to continue escaping justice for their act of pure cruelty. Please make sure that they are charged with animal cruelty and punished to the maximum extent possible.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Forest and Kim Starr

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  1. Stella Waldvogel says:

    Signed. But the actions of these idiots are not what DAPL is about. If they’re there for the protest, it’s simple thrill-seeking. And any self-respecting person who hunts for meat would have made a cleaner kill. I don’t think they’re Natives. They yell like white guys. These are just evil, rotten boys – throw the book at them.

  2. Stella Waldvogel says:

    Video here. You get a fair look at them before it gets ugly. http://www.valleynewslive.com/content/news/409792215.html

  3. michelle taylor says:

    Hunt the hunter.The only good hunter is a dead one!

    • Lindsey Keller says:

      Im so glad someone else shares my point of view, that’s too easy for a human to shoot an animal, since its obvious they are at such a disadvantage compared to humans. I feel that for a hunter to be considered a (skilled, accomplished, fierce,) Hunter, that they should be hunter too!

    • I am a hunter are you a vegetarian you don’t eat meat because that’s why I hunt I choose not to eat mistreated,cows, pigs, chickens, I hunt free range animals. So you say A good Hunter is a Dead hunter
      Well i would like to meet you Michael Taylor. All the boys in that video should be prosecuted and have jail time and be fined $1,000 a pound for that animal each the video made me sick

  4. rose brooks says:

    This is just cruel, mindless blood-for -thrills mindset which needs to come to a fast end by giving them a lesson they won’t forget in a hurry. Throw the book at them, and any others of the same mind. Make an example of them. Do your country a favour. We hear of heinous crimes from the US daily.

  5. Miriam Schiro says:

    Hunter’s are cruel,they are selfish and have NO respect for wildlife AT ALL. They don’t think of them as a BEAUTIFUL INNOCENT life with a family, all they think about is their greedy stomach and or ego thinking they are cool for murdering. Many also see it as an act of bravery. Killing ANY LIFE IS NEVER COOL AND DOESN’T make you a good person. Killing innocent life is an act of violence ALWAYS, NOT an act of bravery like they stupidly think… And thus HUNTING NEEDS TO BE BANNED… PERIOD! Bravery is when YOU SAVE LIFE FROM DANGER…THAT’S the REAL BRAVERY. PLEASE sign this petition for justice for these heartless wildlife murderers.


  6. Daniel Nya says:

    If these sick sadistic low life’s are not punished to the full extent of the law and remain free on the street because of lax porsecution.. Then I hope they live near the idiots who won’t take these crimes seriously… I want all thier names published so that I can make sure my family is aware of these dangerous criminals and street clear. The judge and lawmakers who are soft on this type of crime should be forced to live with these scum..since they do not think they are sick safistic criminals. If they take them in for a few nights and introduce them to thier spouses and children, that might make them think twice about setting these sub human garbage loose for the rest of the community to be at risk.

  7. what evil backward gits. These people are obviously of low self esteem that they need to hurt a poor innocent animal to feel like men. Well, these gits are not men they are not even human they are pond scum they are dung beetles eating shit. Someone should do the same to them and celebrate the loss of pond scum. If they can do this to a poor animal then they are capable of anything serial killers in the making. Lock these bastards up and throw away the key. Its time the maximum penalty for animal cruelty and abuse was brought up to date and made more severe.

  8. Jacqui Skill says:

    The laws for animal cruelty are not strict enough which is why dehumanized monsters like these are hurting and killing! They should be put in to solitary confinement forever!They are no longer “human” they are monsters!

  9. I have zero tolerance for subhuman creatures who like to torture, abuse, neglect and kill innocent human beings and animal beings. Hopefully they’ll all be found and found soon and then skinned alive. They deserve much worse but that will be good for starters. They are COWARDS too.

  10. I am an avid Hunter I love these animals this is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen buy a group of nothing but pieces of shit every one of these so-called men needs to be stabbed in the neck and their faces buried in the mud

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