Demand Arm & Hammer Stop Testing on Animals


Target: Matthew Farrell, CEO of Church and Dwight

Goal: Stop Arm & Hammer from testing on animals.

Arm & Hammer is a popular brand known for its household products and aesthetic products like deodorant and toothpaste. Unfortunately, the brand continues to test on animals despite knowing how cruel and unnecessary it is.

Animals used for testing face unimaginable horrors daily. They have ingredients rubbed into their skin, eyes, mouth, and even injected under their skin. They have tubes shoved down their throats and are force-fed, or are forced to inhale certain chemicals. However, the animals’ reactions to these products and ingredients often lead to inconclusive results. Humans are obviously much different in biology than common lab animals like rabbits, rats, mice and guinea pigs.

Sign this petition and demand Arm & Hammer stop testing its ingredients and products on animals. Many companies have already taken action against this unnecessary cruelty and it is time Arm & Hammer do the same.


Dear Mr. Farrell,

It recently came to my attention that your company continues to test on animals despite knowing how cruel and unnecessary this is. Many companies have taken action and decided to no longer support animal testing and it is time you follow their lead.

Animals used for testing are subjected to pain and misery daily. These animals have chemicals rubbed into their skin, eyes, mouth, and even injected under their skin. Tubes are shoved down their throats while they are force-fed or forced to inhale extreme amounts of chemicals. The results that are yielded from this process often lead to inconclusive results because the biologies of humans compared to rats, mice, guinea pigs and rabbits are much different.

Please consider no longer using animals as test subjects. There are many cruelty-free alternative methods available that many other companies are utilizing. It is time you do the same.


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Photo credit: Mike Mozart

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  1. Sharon Koester says:


    • Beth Marie says:

      How true, totally unnecessary! No more Arm and Hammer products for our family. The cruelty inflicted is unimaginable. There are Web sites listing cruelty free companies and products. Sadly, I have bought these products, I feel horrible that our family contributed to such cruelty and regret such a poor choice. All we can do is spread the word and get educated. NO more ARM and HAMMER!

  2. Sons of bitches!!! Their products have been on shelves for DECADES, and don’t need ‘improving,’ MUCH LESS used to torture poor animals in the process! Now I’ll have to find an animal-friendly substitute for washing soda. DAMN them. I hope they all die of chemical burns to their most sensitive body parts.

  3. Margaret Melnick says:

    I will NEVER use one of their products again as long as they continue this cruel treatment of animals. These tests are unnecessary. No one in their right mind drinks or puts these products in their eyes. If it does happen it is an accident and no amount of animal testing is going to change the results.

  4. Dang it! I use all their products! That makes me so mad. Now I have to go find replacements to almost everything I use. 😩 I’m definitely done with them.

  5. Connie lawson says:

    Everybody boycott their products

  6. Jeanette Iacovone says:

    Arm and hammer….you are going down!!!!

  7. Janet Flanagan says:

    I buy this brand all the time….Well, NO MORE!!!! It is so not necessary to test on animals, shame on this corporation and greed. And now I will let everyone know about their animal abusiveness and cruelty as well as never use their products AGAIN!

    • Done with them too. I also did not realize Arm & Hammer tested on animals – GUESS we should arm ourselves with the knowledge that unless something blatantly advertises that it doesn’t test on animals, it DOES (like with labeling re: organics)… The baking soda…stupidly, I trusted them. I use “not tested on animals” products all the time, HAVE gotten into eyes, spilled, and nothing damaged, nothing has ever burned or hurt, the whole thing is ridiculous…

  8. Carmen Nunn says:

    Greed has no conscience!

  9. Ennio Denaro says:

    I test fateli sulle vostre sorelle!!

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