Demand Acura Stop Using Leather


Target: Jeff Conrad, Vice President of Acura

Goal: Stop Acura from using leather in its cars.

Acura is a popular car manufacturer that uses leather for many of the interior details of its cars. Leather comes from the bodies of tortured animals and it is time to stop supporting this cruel industry.

Most people associate leather with cows, but it can also come from pigs, sheep, goats, and even cats and dogs, depending on where the supply comes from. Animals trapped in the leather industry are often beaten, dragged, branded and neglected. It is not uncommon for animals to have open wounds and injuries left untreated. After about three years of pain and misery, the animals are killed and skinned.

Sign this petition and demand Acura stop using leather in its vehicles. Leather is not a necessity and it is time to stop treating it as such.


Dear Mr. Conrad,

Many of your vehicles contain leather in their interiors. Leather comes from the bodies of tortured animals and this cruel industry should no longer be supported.

Cows, sheep, goats, pigs and even cats and dogs are used for leather depending on where the supplier is stationed. Animals trapped within this cruel industry are often beaten, shocked, dragged, branded and severely neglected. It is not uncommon for these animals to have open wounds or untreated injuries. After enduring this pain and torture for three years, the animals are killed and skinned.

Please consider no longer using leather in your cars. There are many cruelty-free alternative materials available for use and it is time to start using them like Tesla, BMW and Lexus have. No animal should die for something so unnecessary.


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  1. Bev Woodburn says:

    The fucking human species always the animal torturers purely for GREED.
    Acura is a popular car manufacturer that uses leather for many of the interior details of its cars. Leather comes from the bodies of tortured animals and it is time to stop.
    Acura needs to be eradicated from this planet.

  2. annie vallet says:

    no more leather in any car


  4. Mr. Conrad, the world is changing, consumers do NOT want dead tortured leather, feathers or fur! Have you heard of technology, the imitation leather cleans better, feels better and actually lasts longer!!

  5. Candy Niewinski says:

    It’s not necessary! You have man made materials that are so close to the real thing if you didn’t tell the consumer they probably wouldn’t know. Please spare these innocent animals lives and stop the needless suffering!

  6. Cynthia Chavana Martinez says:

    This is why I would never buy one of these shit vehicles.

  7. Have NEVER bought a car that had dead animal hide “detailing” in it. I REFUSE. And I’m sick of the “upgraded” models ALWAYS having “leather” seats, leaving people less choice for adding other features if they DON’T want dead animals’ co-products as part of it. Get WITH it, stupid car manufacturers!

    • I’ve also read many consumer reviews about leather seats vs. faux leather, and the consensus seems to be that the FAUX product wears better and lasts longer! So what’s their excuse to not make this switch???

      • Because companies are stupid and only care about the bottom line. Never buy from these idiots, buy from Telsa which has gone vegan!

  8. Must use materials that do not cost great lives now. End the killings humane to the cows.

  9. Pls don’t kill innocent animal
    Please show some love for animal.. Ek din bhagwan ko kya jawab doge jub uper jaaoge…..
    Live and Let Live

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