Punish Man Accused of Killing Donkey and Beating His Girlfriend


Target: John Espar, Prosecuting Attorney of LaPorte County, Indiana

Goal: Seek the harshest possible penalty for man who allegedly shot a donkey after assaulting his girlfriend.

A man reportedly shot a pet donkey, named Jack, in the head in an attempt to threaten his girlfriend, who he’d also allegedly beat. The donkey was found bleeding profusely from the head after police heard an animal in distress on the property. The poor animal was still alive, suffering from a gunshot wound near the eye, but died before medical help could arrive. Not only was Jack, the innocent donkey, killed for no reason, but he also had to suffer slowly until every ounce of life left his body. All because, police believe, the man wanted to threaten and intimidate his girlfriend.

Olvydas Abromavieius, who police say had a blood alcohol level of .3 percent at the time of arrest, was charged with domestic battery and domestic violence animal cruelty. Violence of this nature and severity is rarely limited to isolated incidents. Too often, we see cases of violence end with the victims being murdered. An innocent animal has already been heinously sacrificed and killed in cold blood. If Mr. Abromavieius doesn’t receive the appropriate penalty for these allegedly senseless violent crimes, the victim and other animals will be at even greater risk. That’s why it’s imperative that we petition the authorities, urging them to see to it that this man is punished to the maximum extent, if guilty.


Dear Mr. Espar,

A man allegedly shot a pet donkey during a domestic dispute with his girlfriend, who he also reportedly assaulted. Mr. Olvydas Abromavieius was charged with domestic battery and domestic violence animal cruelty when police arrived and heard an animal in distress. Officers say they found the poor donkey bleeding profusely from the head, still alive before it bled out. This innocent animal was murdered in cold blood for no reason except to add to the torment of the other victim, the suspect’s girlfriend.

Violent abuse and animal cruelty like this doesn’t typically end unless authorities are willing to go to the extent necessary to prevent the offender from being able to hurt more innocent animals and people. We’re calling on you to help make an effort to end domestic violence and animal cruelty before more innocent lives are stolen. With that said, we are urging you to seek the harshest possible penalty for the man who allegedly committed these senseless, violent crimes, if guilty.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: goatchurchprime

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  1. Dawn Pettinger says:

    Why is this bloke not in prison. I’m glad I don’t live in America, the crimes against innocent animals and people,seem to go unchecked, because there dosent appear to be any deterrent against these horrific crimes, just a slap on the wrist. Then you wonder why certain nut cases go on the rampage and killing innocent people, because they got away with cruelty to animals, they can’t satisfy there blood lust, and the rest is history. It will get a lot worse when the orange president elect comes to power, because his family are trophy hunters. God help the animals around the world.

  2. The stiffest sentence for him would not his horrible crimes. He was drunk, abusive and cruel beyond belief. 3 strikes and he’s out. Here’s hoping that the girlfriend doesn’t take him back as so often happens

  3. What a pos that needs to be locked up for a very very long time you sicko sob poor Jack why won’t the damn law do something to these sickos


  5. Going after a defenseless pet donkey for the sake of revenge, what a big man – he should have shot himself and spared everyone but this is TYPICAL of a batterer as it is a sickness, and being a sickness, there is no end to it. As someone put it, you cannot reason with the violent-prone mentally ill. As batterers are wired differently from others, full of narcissism, victims not meriting humane treatment and nothing but two-dimensional representations devoid of feeling and needs, there will be no mercy for the defenseless, whether human or other behind closed doors, as long as this deviant perpetrator is loose, continuing on with illness, prowling (and he just one out of a population of others, infected…and still loose). Convey a message. ENSURE that he DOESN’T.

  6. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    It’s time to Negan and Lucille this mutha fckr❗?
    Signed & shared ?

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