Demand a National Ban on Shark Fins


Target: Regina McCarthy, Administrator of the EPA

Goal: Prohibit the national sale and ownership of shark fins to deter people from participating in the cruel and wasteful practice of shark finning.

Rhode Island is to be applauded for recently passing measures that ban the sale and ownership of shark fins. Unfortunately, only 11 states have enacted laws restricting the sale of shark fins. This sheds light on the need to create a nationwide ban on the unethical practice.

Shark finning is a particularly inhumane practice that involves slicing the dorsal fin from live sharks. The rest of the animal is then callously tossed back into the sea to slowly bleed to death. It is estimated that over 100 million sharks are killed for their fins each year. Shark fin soup is considered a delicacy in some places, but satisfying the world’s hunger for this dish is threatening many species of shark.

It is currently illegal to fish for shark fin in U.S. waters, but the import of shark fin is still legal. This encourages the practice in other countries that are unwilling to restrict this industry. In the law passed in Rhode Island, there is a 1,000 dollar fine levied on those that are caught with shark fin. This fine is an effective preventive measure and should be passed in all 50 states.

For too long, humans have abused the delicate environment in the world’s oceans. Sign this petition to take action to protect sharks from this barbaric and wasteful fishing practice.


Dear Administrator McCarthy,

Recently, Rhode Island passed laws banning the sale and ownership of shark fins. This law was made to deter people from partaking in a delicacy that is both cruel and environmentally unsustainable. It is time that the rest of the country follows the lead of the 11 states that have passed similar bans on shark fins.

Congress has made the practice of shark finning illegal, but it failed to stop the import of shark fin. Humans are estimated to kill 100 million sharks per year to satisfy the demand for this delicacy. This has put many species of shark at risk.

Shark finning is a particularly inhumane and wasteful practice, which involves slicing the dorsal fin from the shark. The rest of the animal is then callously tossed back into the sea to slowly bleed to death.

Please work toward banning the sale and ownership of shark fins to deter people from participating in this barbaric practice.


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  1. Bev Woodburn says:

    This is one of the vilest animal torture and suffering Worldwide.
    The killing and selling of Shark fins must be made illegal Worldwide. Animal Protection Laws must be the same as human Laws where the perpetrators are jailed or put to death.
    An eye for an eye the saying goes.
    The human species is the filth of this Planet.

  2. Carolyn Taylor says:

    This atrocity against worthy sharks must end, now!

  3. Consumption has placed an unsustainable demand on shark populations; when sharks are removed, ecosystems unravel… Fins are cruelly sliced off and, unable to swim, sharks sink to the bottom of the ocean to die, as “left-overs”, or suffocate on a beach, an agonizing death. Not only a TOTAL WASTE of a magnificent creature, but unimaginable torture. Unnecessary… Not needed for human diet, shark fin soup is an “invented indulgence”. There is no evidence to support health claims; the reality is that shark meat has a dangerously high level of mercury. Far eastern middlemen, “sometimes associated with mafia-like gangs”, and fishermen slaughter sharks to satisfy an unconcerned market – every bowl is full of “the chase of profit”, environmental disregard, and torture.
    Rhode Island’s ban, and fine, is to be COMMENDED, celebrated, and as well the 11 other states’ restriction of shark fin sale, yet it appears only National preventative measure, and an accompanying ban on the importation of shark fin (still legal in places), will in the end stop the ongoing atrocity…

  4. Cynthia Mattera says:

    An evil and greedy business of killing sharks for their fins. These poor animals die a slow, horrible death as the drown:(
    Please stop the killing and selling of their fins!!!


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