Stop Mass Badger Killing

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Target: British Environment Minister Elizabeth Truss

Goal: Protect ecosystems by permanently prohibiting unnecessary badger culling

A badger cull, or kill, has been announced for two English counties: Gloucestershire and Somerset. The cull is set to happen soon and the kill numbers are heartbreaking. A total of 1,876 badgers will die, between 615 and 1,091 in Gloucestershire, and between 316 and 785 in Somerset. Killing mass numbers of any species without a full, proper diagnostics of any possible repercussion is foolhardy, as this intense drop in numbers will surely have a negative affect on the ecosystems involved.

While European badgers’ conservation status is listed as “least concern,” this is by no means reason to kill a mass number of the species. In some areas of Europe, the badger is extremely plentiful, which affects surrounding ecosystems. However, this is not the fault of the species. Lack of predators and forced habitat concentration due to habitat loss in other areas are the result of human interference. As is unfortunately the case with many unbalanced ecosystems, humans are the majority cause of the badgers’ plight. A study of properly balancing the ecosystem naturally would be greatly beneficial for Europe and its badgers.

Urge the British Environment Minister, whom has greatest control over the badgers’ fate, to reconsider the mass badger cull in favor of a natural approach. Getting rid of the problem immediately by killing the badgers will only temporarily solve Europe’s badger population problem. Intensive study of the creatures and their habitats in order to better control numbers, utilizing natural predators and respect for their habitats, will undoubtedly prove to be successful long-term. Compassion, understanding and respect should always trump murder.


Dear Elizabeth Truss,

Last year the mass European badger cull was successfully called off. The badger cull of last year was intent on containing the deadly tuberculosis (TB) disease, and even then the cull was unjust. As you know, a mass cull is an inefficient way to contain TB. It is also an ineffective way to control the badger population in heavily saturated areas, in this case Gloucestershire and Somerset counties. A total of 1,876 badgers are on the kill list for this coming season, but I implore you to reconsider this year’s mass badger cull.

While European badgers are not threatened, their presence within their ecosystem is necessary. The badger population is much greater in some areas than others, and in this case, reintroduction of predators would be beneficial. Managing the problem with a long-term, sustainable plan is always the best action plan. Please stop the scheduled mass badger cull and instead work to truly solve the problem, not just mask it.


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Photo credit: Peter Trimming via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Dear God, you are acting like Americans! Stop it now!

  2. Is all that scapegoating, culling/killing necessary, whatever the animal involved and would-be reasons? Or are they an excuse for scientific and veterinary shortcomings? As to badger population allegedly getting out of control: leave them some contraceptives, do (it even works for humans…).

    • Elizabeth Goudge says:

      We have been war-free for so long, it seems, that the human destructive trait turns to preying on dumb animals. Shame on those who are backing this. I hope that Nemesis catches up with you…and soon!

  3. Absulutely DISCUSTING ???

  4. I signed but disagree with the premise that badger population number are any kind of a problem. Mankind needs to leave nature alone. We are the problem, badgers aren’t.

  5. Cecily Colloby says:

    Well said, Mike Penn!!

  6. Sonja Talboys says:

    This vile government we have just love having innocent animals murdered. When I wrote to DEFRA about the murder of the badgers I said ‘WHY can’t we do a vaccination scheme like they are doing in WALES AND CORNWALL’ THEIR REPLY WAS ‘THERE ARE FAR TO MANY BADGERS IN THIS COUNTRY’ ???????????????????????????????????

  7. Far too many too many tory shitheads as well. Seems they oughta be culled too.

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