Stop Mutilating Foxes


Target: The Ulster Society Prevention Cruelty to Animals (USPCA) Chief Stephen Philpott

Goal: Stop badger hunters from sadistically mutilating animals

More problems have arisen with the badger cull in the United Kingdom as hunters have turned to blooding dogs by setting them on fox cubs. Blooding is a term used in hunting to describe giving dogs the first taste of blood, usually to incite them to go after larger prey. Mutilated young fox carcasses have been found hidden in bags and disposed of alongside country roads and even tied to trees. Those responsible have taken a sadistic pleasure in seeing innocent animals mutilated and this must be stopped immediately.

Reports of such incidents have continued to circulate after a woman in Northern Ireland found a young fox dumped in a trash bag.  “It had a lot of saliva on its fur,” she said, “which was all matted and there was clearly a lot of puncture wounds around its neck and blood running out of it.” She added, “Between this fox and a few incidents over the summer with carloads of men coming down here with dogs late at night, it just seems like there’s a lot of this kind of thing going on. I’m from the country and I understand hunting or farmers shooting animals, but this is just gratuitous cruelty.”

Gangs of hunters have been heading out into the countryside to find young foxes for their dogs to rip apart. Animal cruelty investigators have described the practice as “cubbing” and have confirmed widespread incidents of young foxes and other animals being tied to trees to be attacked and killed by dogs as well as other forms of mutilation. Another resident in Northern Ireland who monitors badger dens during the cull season emphasized that “They’ll use rabbits, ferrets, cats, even small dogs. People on social media sites even warn not to leave your dog on a lead at the shop and never offer dogs for free ‘to a good home’ because these boys are looking for that.”

The badger cull in the UK has already resulted in a great deal of hostility and slaughter, but now a new kind of sadism has emerged. Local authorizes and animal cruelty investigators believe that it is mostly urban dwellers who want to watch their dogs mutilate other animals who are responsible. The Ulster Society Prevention Cruelty to Animals (USPCA) chief Stephen Philpott added, “A van load of strangers arriving with dogs and long handled spades and crowbars is hard to hide.”

This must stop immediately. When a cull becomes an opportunity to exercise a kind of gratuitous sadism things have gone too far. Please take a moment to sign the petition below and demand that authorities take necessary measures to keep animals from being mutilated in the U.K.


Dear Stephen Philpott,

As a result of the badger cull, there have recently been a series of incidents of hunters mutilating and killing young foxes for their own sadistic pleasure and to encourage their dogs to go after larger prey. A woman found a fox discarded in a trash bag alongside a country road and there have been multiple reports of foxes being tied to trees for their dogs to attack.

Residents have even become afraid their own pets could be harmed. It isn’t about the cull anymore. Now there are people using the cull as an excuse to take pleasure in harming animals. Please stop the cruelty now.


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Photo credit: tattiehowker via Flickr

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  1. Interesting and depressing to see other countries have as many sickos as we have.

  2. Easy does it you guys! Ireland is a respected EU member and there are legal dispositions now prohibiting such acts.

  3. Cecily Colloby says:


  4. MUST ESTABLISH AN INTERNATIONAL LAW PROTECTING ANIMALS, NATURE AND OUR CHILDREN… No one owns land or animals or natural resources – but MIGHTY NATURE itself. Learn to respect something you have not created!!


  5. Marina nemchinova says:

    What the hell is wrong with people?! Honestly, the more I read these stories, the more I wonder where this world is heading to! Dog fights, skinning animals alive, animal experiments, circuses and now “cubbing”? Here’s a suggestion, why don’t we “cub” these mothereffers and see how they like it!


  7. Hi Andrew

    My name is Janice and I work for the League Against Cruel Sports in Northern Ireland. Could you possibly email a contact number for you to discuss the content of your petition please? I’d like to help you.


    Janice Watt
    NI Senior Public Affairs Officer
    League Against Cruel Sports

  8. Killing animals without a need for food is evil. Revere them, God is in them.

  9. malissa sommerville says:

    I hope these sick people rot in hell where they belong…They will answer to God one day…they should be executed. ..murder is murder whether it is an innocent animal or human being…such evil and warped people in this world it makes me so angry and it’s quite disturbing to know people like this are free and roaming the streets…scary!

  10. malissa sommerville says:

    I hope these sick twisted people rot in hell where they belong…such evilness in this world..murder is murder..period!

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