Discipline Officer Accused of Abandoning Emaciated Dogs Left for Dead During Holiday

Target: Frank Rizzo, Chief of the SPCA Law Enforcement Division

Goal: Reprimand animal control officer who allegedly refused to take emaciated dogs left in apartment to die.

Two dogs and an emaciated puppy were reportedly abandoned inside of an apartment in central New Jersey, and were then left to die. An animal control officer refused to help and had to be threatened with criminal charges before responding, according to the chief of the SPCA’s law enforcement division. The officer’s reason for refusing these innocent animals help was because it was a holiday weekend and she said the town didn’t want the medical expenses of the puppy. The landlord who discovered the dogs says he couldn’t get the animal control officers or police to do anything. The puppy is now stable and receiving care and the other two dogs have been placed in a shelter, according to the SPCA staff.

A statement made by the SPCA said that as an animal control officer with a salary and benefits, the officer is mandated by state law to provide animal control services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These dogs had already been lucky that someone found them before they died, but it appears that the officer was going to refuse them their second chance at life.

This officer apparently failed to do her job and rescue these helpless, starving animals, and that’s unacceptable. Please sign the petition below to demand that this animal control officer be reprimanded.

The town’s mayor has denied the SPCA’s account of the events.


Dear Chief Rizzo,

Two dogs and a starved puppy were reportedly left to die alone in an apartment. When they were finally getting a chance to be rescued, as you’re aware, the animal control officer reportedly refused to help until she was threatened with criminal charges.

These helpless dogs were basically in a death trap where they would’ve died in agony from starvation. We’re appalled that an animal control officer would refuse them help. This is not the kind of behavior we expect to see from people who take on roles to help and protect innocent animals. We kindly urge you to see to it that this officer is appropriately reprimanded.


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Photo credit: SPCA

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  1. Fire this c***t!!!!

  2. Wendy Waltenberg says:

    Reprimanded ??? She should be fired !! Obviously in the wrong job. How could she walk away fro dogs that needed her.

  3. This women should lose her job and be prosecuted for doing this, it isn’t any different then leaving abused children behind.This person should never work with animals again, she makes me sick to my stomach!!! These poor defenseless dogs were probably so happy to see people and needed help so bad!!! How could she see this and walk away??? Also who left them there? I really hope someone is looking for them too!!! The law has to get stricter to make people stop abusing animals! Please do something that makes a difference for all of them.

  4. Marilyn Glasgow says:

    Yet another member of the female gender. So much for the nurturers they’re supposed to be. I used to be a bit of a feminist, but I have read so many horror stories about the cruel, brutal actions of women that I no longer support them. This particular “thing” should be in jail, and never allowed near an animal again.

  5. Fire her and have her arrested. She’s disgusting.

  6. the hell is going to bring you
    Lock this sadistic vile cunt away permanently . He needs fucking torturing in jail .
    I have to say it: “has 1 animal life for me worth more – than 1 million people.” because who atrocities much and mass murders are in order or makes himself, his life is not worth it.
    of great atrocity, Noxious

  7. Shirley Barry says:


  8. The organization and don’t need the expense of this person’s salary as the ifficer has clearly demonstrated the inability to do her job.

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