Roy the Horse Starved to Death But No Charges Brought Yet


Target: Michael Zell, Wood County, Wisconsin Assistant District Attorney

Goal: Immediately investigate the case of an allegedly neglected horse.

A horse reportedly died from starvation at the hands of his owner in rural Wisconsin, yet officials have yet to press charges against the farmer who allegedly abused the animal. A request was put in but Assistant District Attorney Michael Zell, who was assigned to the case, has yet to file charges. He claims he does not have time due to other priorities and mentioned that there is no deadline for him to investigate the report. Those involved with rescuing the horse, named Roy, prior to his death want charges against the farmer to come quickly because they are concerned about the well-being of a second horse.

A woman found Roy while on her morning stroll and walked the horse to a nearby friend’s house where they contacted authorities. The horse’s owner came to get him but when Wood County Humane Officer Nanci Olson went to check on the horse, she reportedly found Roy along with an additional horse standing knee deep in manure and being fed moldy hay. The owner agreed to give up Roy, stating that she could no longer ride him anyway.

Unfortunately, there was nothing that veterinarian Dr. Gary Johnson could do to save Roy’s life. A few days after being brought in and set up with a treatment plan, Roy would no longer stand due to a lack of muscle tissue and organ failure. Roy was covered in rain rot and suffered a lame back leg the cause of which cause could not be determined. Johnson claimed this was the worst case of neglect he had ever seen. There was no indication of disease to cause such weight loss, and Roy had to be put down.

Roy’s former owner has another horse that allegedly suffers from a cough. Activists are concerned for the well-being of this second animal and want charges filed immediately to determine if it should stay under the farmer’s care. Sign this petition to demand that the Wood County District Attorney’s office review the case right away and file charges against the alleged animal abuser.


Dear Assistant District Attorney Zell,

I am writing because you have yet to review a report about a horse that was starved to death in Babcock. A doctor and activists believe that Roy was neglected and starved until the poor animal lost his muscle mass and eventually had to be euthanized. This sort of crime cannot go unpunished.

Though you claim there is no deadline on this case, I urge you to reconsider due to a second horse under the allegedly abusive farmer’s care. It is believed that this horse suffers a cough, is kept in knee deep manure, and is fed moldy hay. This inhumane activity cannot persist. I demand that you use the full power of your office to ensure justice for Roy.


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Photo Credit: eXtensionHorses

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  1. Stephanie Snyder says:

    As long as animals are thought of as possessions, and their owners, there will be minimal consequences for those who abuse animals. We need to do what Canada did and make animals sentient beings. This would force the legal system to take a more stringent view of animal abuse. Additionally, having a national animal abuse registry would go a far way as well in bringing out accountability and consequences for those found guilty.

  2. KatWrangler says:

    I can’t stand the though of me wanting to see this POS owner suffer the EXACT same fate as Roy, but I DO. Roy’s picture makes me cry. Horses are such beautiful creatures. How could she?

    And if Wood County, Wisconsin Assistant District Attorney Michael Zell can’t see this as the horrible CRIME it is, then he belongs in whatever Hell that disgusting owner suffers.

    Thank you to the strolling woman who gave Roy the opportunity to feel some love. Humane Officer Nanci Olson and veterinarian Dr. Gary Johnson- MAKE SURE THIS OWNER GETS SLAMMED!

  3. Bev Woodburn says:

    The vile and sadistic owner of Roy must be brought to Justice and jailed for deliberate animal torture and suffering.

    Michael Zell, Wood County, Wisconsin Assistant District Attorney

    Immediately investigate the case of an allegedly neglected horse who would have suffered in agony before his death because of this vile and sadistic bitch owner.

    You are an absolute disgrace if the owner is not jailed and made to pay for the sadism and evilness this monster committed against innocent and defenceless Roy.

  4. Sonja Talboys says:

    This is just disgracefull and charges should be brought against the evil bastard that did this just as it would had it been a CHILD. These sort of cruelty cases really piss me off when scum like this get with such cruelty, severe charges would be brought against filth like this if it had been done to a child and in my opinion there is no difference at all.

  5. Margaret Melnick says:

    Here we go again. Law enforcement to dam lazy to do their jobs. If the work is to much get the hell out and let someone who can do the job take over. These Government paid employee’s who figure they don’t have to work just sit back and collect a pay cheque from the working people. (i don’t mean all government employee’s are like that but many are and if they were working in the private sector would have been fired long ago)Get this lazy ass out of their and put in someone who upholds the law. Don’t have time for animal cruelty charges? I suppose he doesn’t have time for murder, rape or any other law.

  6. Disgusting. And the owner couldn’t ride Roy any longer!? That was their main concern? Selfish and shameful! This person does not deserve to take care of any animal!

  7. Trisha Leigh says:

    I think that they should be marched around with red paint over them..

    Other things come to mind.. I am sick and this is not the first..

  8. Nice work Mr Zell! Bet you’re real proud of yourself….you pos!

  9. Lisa Zarafonetis Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Starve the P. O. S. Owner for doing this!!! 🙁
    Signed & shared

  10. I call them subhuman demonic refuse. The scale of pain they inflicted upon an animal that did niothing to deserve it disturbs me to no end.

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