Ban Abusive Canine Caregiver from Owning Pets

Target: Sheriff Susan Craig at Livingston Sheriff Court in Scotland

Goal: Impose a permanent ban on dog abuser, Kaitlyn MacDonald, from owning pets in the future

When Kaitlyn MacDonald was found guilty of severely neglecting eight dogs in her Scotland home, she was ordered to perform unpaid community service and was barred from keeping pets for five years. This minimal sentence is hardly befitting of her despicable crime. Urge the trial judge, Sheriff Susan Craig at Livingston Sheriff Court, to permanently prohibit MacDonald from owning pets in the future lest she continue to abuse innocent animals once her five year ban is up.

MacDonald, who surprisingly worked as a canine caregiver at The Dogs Trust charity, kept eight dogs in filthy living conditions at her home, where she starved and confined them to tiny cages. When officers found the dogs, most were emaciated and left to sit in their own urine-filled kennels.

MacDonald was terrified of being jailed for her offence, but she was mercifully given treatment for her depression instead. The trial judge, Sheriff Craig, stated that she was “too fragile” to be sent to prison. Still, other incidences of similar animal cruelty have resulted in imprisonment and an indefinite ban on pet ownership. Therefore, despite her mental health issues, MacDonald must be prevented from repeating this offence in the future.

The Scottish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals labeled her offence “atrocious” and claimed that “it is completely inexcusable for someone with experience of working with animals to fail to meet their most basic needs.” Because MacDonald may never be mentally stable enough to care for the basic needs of her future pets, she should not be given the chance to do so. Her neglect of these eight dogs prove that she is capable of committing serious crimes against dogs, even with her experience as an animal caregiver.

Urge Sheriff Susan Craig to permanently ban Kaitlyn MacDonald from owning pets in order to protect innocent animals from abuse at her hands.


Dear Sheriff Susan Craig at Livingston Sheriff Court in Scotland,

Kaitlyn MacDonald, who was found guilty of severely neglecting and starving eight of her dogs, was sentenced to community service and given a five year ban from owning pets. I believe that this sentence is too light for her crimes and that, given her history of mental illness, she should not be permitted to own pets in the future. There is no guarantee that five years of treatment for her depression will turn her into an adequate pet owner, and innocent animals must be protected from abusive caretakers.

In the past, those found guilty of similar crimes have been imprisoned and barred from owning pets for the remainder of their lives. This situation is no different, an no pet should ever be subjected to her neglect again. Please permanently ban Kaitlyn MacDonald from owning pets for the remainder of her life.


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Photo credit: ledpup via Flickr

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  1. Michael Guest says:

    That sure is abuse. Nobody should own an animals and treat them like that. Pass a new law and get this outlawed so that animals get care, love and respect.

  2. Katie Kelly says:

    If this sorry excuse for a woman, much less a human thinks “she” was depressed before – let’s do to that mess what “she” did to innocent animals. I volunteer to put that trash out of it’s own “depression” . BITCH. Time to implement “The Golden Rule” – do unto others …..

  3. She was ” too fragile” my fuk** a@@!!! That shouldnt be an excuse no matter what!!!! They dont wana do their job thats why!! Ttheyre lazy!!!! Fire that ” sheriff”!!!

  4. Sheila Jefferson says:

    Really? we actually need to ask
    to ban this person from owning
    another precious pet?? That IS a given already! Good grief, what is wrong with people!!

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