Psychopathic Mass Animal Murderer Must be Found


Target: John Pare, Chief of Police for London, Ontario

Goal: Track down and punish mass animal murderer in Ontario.

Within the last year, 17 animals have been found mutilated and murdered around the Southwestern Ontario area. Many of these animals have been decapitated, skinned, and placed in strange poses around the city. Recently a dog was found headless and missing organs, on top of a dumpster near a liquor store. A skinless goose was even dropped off at the humane society’s front door.

According to authorities, the crimes seem to be escalating. Before, it was mostly animals that would be considered wild, but more recently there have been pets slaughtered. All together, 6 dead coyotes, two of which were skinned and headless, a decapitated bunny, a mutilated cat and dog, the goose, and 6 snakes have all been found laid out in poses.

These crimes define the word horrific, and must be stopped. Animals are conscious, sentient, living beings that do not deserve to be tortured and killed in this way. If these were the bodies of humans there would be a much greater sense of urgency in finding and punishing the perpetrator. These crimes must be handled the same way one would handle the murder of a person.

Sign this petition to ensure the Ontario animal murders are treated as terrible, real crimes that need to be stopped.


Dear Police Chief Pare,

In your city, 17 animals have been found over the past year tortured, mutilated and killed. These crimes are absolutely horrendous and must be stopped. If these were crimes related to humans being murdered, there would be more effort put forward in finding the criminal, or criminals responsible.

These animals deserve the same kind of justice we as humans do. Please, use your power as police chief to set aside the resources necessary for finding and prosecuting those responsible. Almost 20 animals is far too many to be found in such a way. This problem has existed for over a year and still has yet to be solved.

Do the right thing and find this murderer, before they can torture or kill any more beloved animals or pets.


[Your name here]

Photo Credit: Cooee

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  1. Wendy Waltenberg says:

    This person needs to be found quickly before they hurt anymore animals. Research shows that people who are capable of acts like this against animals often go on to commit just as heinous acts against people.

  2. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Exterminate the piece of sh!t❗?
    Signed & shared ?

  3. No one in the position to really do something about this will until it’s their pet this happens to. If even that will be enougg for them to act…perhaps if it’s their yound daughter’s pet that has to be horrifically mutulated for her to find for them to get off their asses to do something…anything. Reality dictates that even people in law enforcement will partake if they think they can get away with it. Remember Hurricane Katrina?? Police members rounded dogs up into groups using school gymnasiums or other building and just started shooting. Police Officer’s just because they could and they enjoyed it. They could have been rescued. Are we as Canadians any different? God I hope so…I would have been adamant that we were a very long time ago…but now? I’m not so sure and that’s really sad.

  4. Track and kill, these subjects do not deserve to live
    So much sick in the head you have to exterminate
    the hell is going to bring you

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