Close Marine Park Cited for Severe Physical and Mental Abuse of Animals


Target: Dr. Sonny Ramaswamy, Director of the USDA

Goal: Shut down park where animals reportedly are abused by trainers and suffer in tiny cages.

At Sea Life Park in Hawaii, animals are kept in small tanks with no protection from the scorching sun, and many are reportedly covered in bruises and scars. When a veterinarian from PETA visited the park in 2015, she says she found tropical fish that had shredded and ragged fins. She also saw a sea lion suckling her fur and swimming in circles, which are signs of mental illness. There were also dolphins covered in rake marks and scars that floated listlessly in their tanks.

Over the years, there have been many horror stories that have come out of Sea Life Park. To get a sea lion pup to eat, one animal trainer allegedly forced the pup to the ground. When the pup struggled, the trainer is said to have slapped the pup across its face and then punched it repeatedly. A USDA violation was filed for this incident, but that wasn’t the end of the cruelty at Sea Life Park. There have also been reports of a sea lion drowning after it sustained trauma, a dolphin dying after chronic regurgitation due to stress, and another dolphin receiving facial wounds in a “gate incident.” The park didn’t even have an attending veterinarian until ten years ago, when the USDA filed an official complaint. Not having a veterinarian on-site reportedly led to the deaths of two seals, a dolphin, and a whale.

The USDA has cited Sea Life Park over and over again for all different types of offenses, but the park has shown no sign that it is going to treat its animals humanely. Now, it’s time to shut down this park that has apparently been responsible for the deaths of so many animals. Sign this petition to urge the USDA to shut down Sea Life Park for good.


Dear Dr. Ramaswamy,

Sea Life Park in Oahu, Hawaii has been cited numerous times for USDA violations, including not having an attending veterinarian. They have also received citations for cruelty against a sea lion pup, and for not providing their animals with protection from the scorching sun. In addition, the animals reportedly have scars, wounds, and bruises.

There have also been many reports of injuries over the years, including a dolphin receiving facial wounds and a turtle having its shell severely damaged. There was also the tragic case of a dolphin that allegedly died from chronic regurgitation, which was most likely caused by stress. These are just a few of the many tragic incidents that are believed to have occurred at Sea Life Park.

For too long, Sea Life Park has been allowed to keep its animals in deplorable conditions. Now, I urge you to investigate this park and shut it down once and for all. For the good of the injured and traumatized marine animals trapped in tiny tanks, I urge you to close down Sea Life Park.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Justin De La Ornellas

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  1. Marsha Squibb says:

    Disgusting beyond words…We have no right to do this to any animal!!!

  2. Why hasn’t this hellish venue been shut down?! Does anyone who works for the USDA every care about the suffering of animals?!

    Citations are not enough! The violations continue, as these poor creatures suffer and die. This is reprehensible and inexcusable!

    NO ONE should support this horrible place! USDA agents are not doing their jobs, but are still being paid for allowing horrific neglect and abuse to plague Sea Life Park. Aren’t there ANY agents who give a damn about this extremely intelligent human-like (but more humane) marine life–any with a conscience, with some ethics, a semblance of decency and compassion?!

  3. Robert Sanders says:

    What did those animals do to deserve such a fate? We can’t do that to prison inmates, why is it OK in an amusement park?

  4. Cynthia Mattera says:

    Please shut down this “hell hole”

  5. Cynthia Mattera says:

    The USDA NEVER helps animals unless someone is paying them. Its all about the ” monetary” kick backs !!!

  6. What the hell is wrong with the human race…


  8. Rosslyn Osborne says:

    I cannot understand the WHY, in these cases!
    Animal Protection Agency’s visit for complaints, and ‘set the rules of Compliance’
    1. If there is nothing done to ‘fix’ the problems,within a few weeks then move on…
    2. Second chance to fix things and if nothing is still done,by specified date, then move on…
    3. Shut them down forthwith! Remove all animals to accredited sanctuaries as soon as. No ‘ifs’; ‘buts’, or ‘maybes’… End of Story! The Animals must come FIRST!
    This doesn’t take a genius to work this out, a small child understands the 1,2,3 Rule. These are adults!
    This is the reason these departments are there, to protect the animals not ‘brush’ things under the carpet, or take bribes.

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