Applaud Ban on Slaughtering Dogs in South Korean Market


Target: Lee Jae-myung, Mayor of Seongnam, South Korea

Goal: Praise groundbreaking ban on the slaughtering of dogs in a major South Korean market.

Dogs will no longer be slaughtered in Moran Market in Seongnam, one of South Korea’s largest dog meat markets. City officials will soon begin confiscating slaughter equipment from market sellers. Animal rights groups hope that the ban will lead to the eventual shutdown of the market, where over 80,000 dogs are killed annually. Some expect the market to be entirely dismantled by summer of 2017.

The Moran Market is one of the biggest hubs for the dog meat trade, selling one third of all of the country’s dog meat. Buyers can choose their animals from cages, where they are forced to endure the day’s hot weather without shade or water. Buyers can then watch their chosen dogs be slaughtered right before their eyes, often with inhumane methods such as electrocution.

Media reports state that the city of Seongnam will also be footing the tab to help dog farmers transition into different lines of work. This way, not only will the dog meat market close, but those who rely on the market for money will not be left without a source of income.

This move could not only signal the end of this massive dog meat market, but is a huge step in ending the dog meat trade throughout South Korea. Not only will tens of thousands of animals be saved from cruel upbringings and painful deaths, but farmers will be given a chance to start new, more humane careers. Sign the petition below to applaud this groundbreaking announcement by the city of Seongnam.


Dear Lee Jae-myung,

Seongnam recently announced a ban on slaughtering dogs at the Moran Market, a major hub for the South Korean dog meat trade. City officials will soon begin confiscating slaughter equipment, effectively shutting down the dog meat trade in this market, where over 80,000 dogs are slaughtered annually. This move could be the first step in a nationwide ban on the trade and sale of dog meat.

This move will save tens of thousands of dogs from unnecessary suffering and death, and will help dog meat farmers transition into more humane lines of work. We, the undersigned, applaud this groundbreaking new move.


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Photo credit: Maria Ly

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  1. South coreans are idiots like Chinese

  2. I have asked again and again for photo’s like this to NOT be shown as there is just no need.
    Each time I see any animal dead, or dying then I become more and more upset and more and more inclined to stop signing your petitions.
    There is no need to show animal lovers such disgusting pictures, it doesn’t help us and it certainly won’t help your cause.
    I will give it one more try but should I see anymore graphic photo’s then I will not open any more of your mails!

    • It happens. Which is why I do sign these petitions. Some people don’t believe it goes on, a picture is worth a thousand words. Just scroll past the photos, then sign so hopefully someday there will be nothing to photograph.

    • UH…..why can’t you LOOK at what these animals have to endure? Why would be shown a photo of real animals suffering make you STOP signing petitions??????

      I think its needed, for people to understand what goes on in Asia (in this case) or in whatever place animal brutality is found……its easy to close our eyes and think “everything’s fine”….well, its not! MILLIONS of dogs and cats are routinely eaten in Asia, in every nation except Japan, and most of US don’t know it…..!

    • See:

      which was a protest against the yearly Boknal festival in Korea which is WORSE than the more famous Yulin festival.

      About 2.5 million dogs are killed and eaten in Korea yearly.

      AND you’re complaining because you have to see ONE Photo????

    • I don’t like it either and I used to be out of my mind with seeing these photos, but in order to help the animals we have to be strong and keep signing and helping wherever we can. Just because we do not look at something does not mean it stops happening.
      Be strong. Try not to look and sign for the animals.

  3. Cynthia Mattera says:

    Pictures are necessary to show the truth in what REALLY happens to these dogs. Yes, its painful to see, so keep signing petitions to stop it!! This is a great start!!! Thank you to the city officials in S Korea!!!

  4. I won’t sign or applaud the officials until I see proof that they have put a stop to this horrendous cruelty. After these many years of trying to get these barbaric subhumans to see the wrong in what they’re doing, and seeing them thumb their noses at us, I don’t trust them to truly do as they say they will.

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