Justice for Over 30 Malnourished, Mistreated Animals


Target: Scott Pruitt, Oklahoma Attorney General

Goal: Demand increased oversight and prosecution of people who abandon their pets.

Carol Garrison, a 73-year-old Oklahoma man, was arrested on charges of animal cruelty this week after more than 30 dogs and cats were found malnourished, living in squalid conditions at his home. Many of the animals had tumors, symptoms of mange and were unable to stand. One dog was found dead behind the house. According to the local sheriff’s department, it looked as though the other dogs had been eating the carcass.

Neighbors of Garrison said his property was a dumping site for unwanted pets from around the community. One claimed that within the last month, more than three new animals had been dropped off, and it was beyond Garrison’s means to take care of the ever-increasing number of pets on his land.

The sheriff’s department recorded that the dogs had been fed, just not nearly enough. This problem was not created out of a malcontent for animals by Garrison, but in fact was created by the surrounding communities’ inability to take care of their pets and dumping the unwanted dogs and cats on his property. Despite this, Garrison should have turned to qualified parties such as animal shelters and the SPCA for help.

Animal dumping and abandonment is a heinous practice that needs to be stopped. It not only is harmful to the animals themselves, but puts people like Carol Garrison behind bars for attempting to take care of the unwanted dogs and cats. Under law, it is illegal in Oklahoma to abandon animals. Sign the petition to ensure justice for the animals and Garrison, as well as to support greater enforcement of the no-dumping law.


Dear Mr. Pruitt,

Unwanted animal dumping is a large problem facing our country. Recently, this abandonment of animals led to the arrest of Carol Garrison, a 73-year-old man attempting to take care of these unwanted pets. More than 30 dogs and cats were found malnourished, living in terrible conditions on his property. These animals had been dumped there by members of the surrounding community.

In your state, it is illegal to dump unwanted animals, especially ones considered pets such as cats and dogs. Please use your power as attorney general to enforce this law and prosecute those who dumped their animals on Garrison’s property. Please ensure justice for Garrison and the animals he was attempting to take care of.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Josh Henderson

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  1. Put him in jail ..no food..no water..die you rotten bastatd

  2. Andrea Schwartz says:

    I worked at an animal shelter for three years. I hate to say it, but don’t know how they can enforce a no dumping animal law without being around 24/7. We found many animals at our door before we opened for business. This is a job I didn’t want to quit, but my body was in too much pain. It truly was the job for me. I love being in the trenches, helping the animals directly. Signing petitions is all I can do to help for now.

  3. Rosslyn Osborne says:

    Sadly Kristjan, I think you should read the full story before you comment…..?
    My heart goes out to this man trying his very best after lowlife perpetrators dumped their ‘unwanted’ pets on his property. He did feed them all, but nowhere near enough food to keep them healthy.
    Very distressing that he didn’t call for help, but by the sound of the rate all these animals were being dumped on him, no wonder he couldn’t cope.
    So if the neighbour knew what was happening all this time, why didn’t they speak up much sooner?
    Did they offer to help with food scraps or call the police or animal welfare about the abandonment of animals.Why didn’t they take photos for the vehicles or lowlifes dropping off animals?
    I’m sorry, but there are others far more to blame here other than this one man.

  4. lynn woods says:

    put this monster away I hope some of the animals can be saved and get good loving homes

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