100 Cats Per Day Butchered and Sold as Rabbit Meat in China

Target: Li Keqiang, Premier of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China

Goal: Imprison man reportedly caught torturing and slaughtering cat’s, then selling them as rabbit meat.

Cats were reportedly frozen, decapitated, and drowned before being skinned and sold as rabbit meat. Forty-nine live cats and around one ton of feline carcasses were found in a warehouse where they were being tortured, according to reports.

Authorities say they caught the slaughterhouse owner, Huang Fuping, in the middle of killing cats when they raided the warehouse. According to a report, the cages housing the poor cats were only 7.8 inches tall. Fuping reportedly collected strays, telling people he rescued them and kept them in an air-conditioned home.

Since China doesn’t have any laws against animal torture, this monster could walk away with nothing more than a measly fine. That’s why it’s imperative that we put the pressure on the authorities to do the right thing. Please sign this petition demanding that this man be punished severely, if found guilty.


Dear Premier Keqiang,

A man was reportedly operating a warehouse where he used torture to kill cats before selling them as rabbit meat. Authorities say they found about one ton of feline carcasses and 49 live cats in tiny cages.

Huang Fuping had reportedly made people believe he was an animal lover, rescuing cats and providing them with a loving, forever home. In reality, he was allegedly drowning, freezing, decapitating, and skinning the innocent animals. This disturbing problem of animal torture must end. We demand that you take a stand and see to it that anyone who tortures animals, including Fuping, is imprisoned, if guilty.


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  2. Debra Ciolli says:

    This IS EXACTLY Why I will NOT, KNOWINGLY, Buy Or CONSUME ANYTHING that comes from CHINA, as well as ANY ASIAN OR MEXICO or EU or Canada, WHY? Because, they’ve BEEN DOING THIS FOR MANY YEARS, TOO MANY TO even THINK ABOUT..& Not JUST CATS, & DOGS, You Name it, FOR MONEY, THEY’LL KILL, TORTURE< ABUSE, ANYTHING & ANY "ONE" for MONEY. That IS the WAY THEY ARE, Including those in LAOS, VIET NAM, Philippines..Just keep thinking of All those PLACES, Countries, Nations,& Territories, then KNOW, They've BEEN BARBARICALLY, & SADISTICALLY, Killing, in WAYS Most of You WOULD NEVER WANT TO KNOW, because then, You'd NEVER BE ABLE TO GET THAT THOUGHT, THAT "Vision" Out of Your MINDS, & believe me, THEY ARE A BARBARIC, beyond just CRUEL, & SADISTIC People, WHO WILL Literally DO ANYTHING, with NO COMPASSION, CONSCIENCE, NO HEART NO SOUL, & AGAIN, GREEDY, Disgustingly Selfish People. Not saying they are ALL IN ALL AREAS, But I DO Believe the MAJORITIES ARE. IT'S HISTORY. WE Are truly Not Much more HUMANE, than THEY ARE. Also, WE DO NOT HAVE the RIGHT Regulations by the USDA or the FDA, Enough to keep US safe from the FOOD that's PROCESSED Here, LET ALONE, LESS, Much LESS in ANY OTHER COUNTRY, which includes ALL Others, especially ALL OF ASIA, ALL OF MEXICO & ALL OUT OF CANADA. If WE Cannot TRUST OUR OWN, what Do You Seriously THINK WE Are CONSUMING From ANY OTHER COUNTRY? Yet, MOST OR TOO Much of the FOOD WE EAT< along with the food for OUR Animals, would SHOCK You, if you REALLY KNEW WHAT WAS "IN IT". TRUTHS. DOG MEAT "FESTIVALS" have been ongoing for YEARS, I actually forgot one other, INDIA.

  3. We have much on our menus to choose from — we have much fruit, much veggies, grains, I can go on & on — must we KILL everything just because NO ONE STOPS US? — Must we KILL everything just because money can be made? — Isn’t anything sacred? — Don’t we have standards? — Aren’t you ashamed? — What about morals? — Don’t animals have the right to their own lives? — These cats had loving homes and caretakers — These cats have every RIGHT to live — Where’s our conscience? — Where’s our rationality? — Where’s our compassion? — Money can be made in so many other ways. LEAVE THE CATS ALONE! — LET THEM LIVE!

    • You are so right! All life is sacred. All creatures have the right to live their lives and no one has the right to take other lives.

  4. The Chinese people have very little value for animal life. This is why products from China should be banned. They were using REAL cat fur on the small cat figurines that people in the U.S. were buying for their children! Chinese standards for food production are a JOKE! This story does not surprise me.

  5. Lisa Zarafonetis Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared.

  6. Cursed animal mass murderer
    The hell shall be your constant companion

  7. KatWrangler says:

    Sorry to say that some Asian restaurants here in the US use cat meat. I was a deputy investigator – animal cruelty – and saw this first-hand. I had gotten lunch at this particular place and thought the chicken was a bit weird looking, and couldn’t finish it. Then we found out why when we had to investigate complaints. I’ve NEVER eaten at an Asian restaurant again. Many do not have any standards, and they don’t care how they get their meat. Running low – swipe a cat, or dog, from the neighbors.

    • I’m not surprised in the least. And I’ll bet NOTHING was done to shut them down, either. Note though, that these people KNOW using cats as food is considered immoral in the west, or they wouldn’t bother HIDING whatever flesh they’re peddling.

      But what CHICKENS go through to end up on people’s plates is no less evil, and is most usually even MORE torturous over their short lifetimes so jis ust as morally wrong. That’s the grisly nature of Speciesism…

  8. And yet here are so many of our governments, busily pursuing enhanced trade with China, believing it’s the be-all-end-all economic solution of the century…as if FURTHER ethical degradation will somehow “save” us all from ruin.

    Not that our own countries are any great, shining examples of morals involving nonhuman animals either. But since “two wrongs don’t make a right,” ANY place that lacks even what little lax and insufficient animal ‘protection’ laws and legal ‘support’ systems such as ours have, should be CUT RIGHT OUT of global partnerships until and unless they upgrade their own.

    Those poor, dear, sensitive, sacred cats…I just want to scream…

  9. Who’s going to stop these greedy cunts?
    This will never end!
    It’s so sad to keep reading about this kind of cruelty

  10. Karem Wallace says:

    I also years ago saw anHBO documentary about the way animals are treated in many countries. It showed a Chinese meat market I will see the poor butchered and tortured kitty for the rest of my life . Beyond any horror I have ever experienced. The man had NO shred of human decency

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