Stop Overseas Imports of Fur


Target: Hiroshi Moriyama, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Japan

Goal: Stop overseas imports of furs into Japan.

Recently, the last fur farm in all of Japan was closed for good. The farm held roughly 2,500 minks and now they will no longer be killed for their fur. Considering there were 4,000 fur farms during the peak of the industry in Japan, this is a huge success.

Despite no longer having any fur farms, Japan continues to import about 1.67 million furs from overseas. Animals held on fur farms typically live in small, dirty cages where they have limited access to food and clean water. The animals’ short lives are filled with pain and misery, and they are soon killed in whatever way is most convenient. Typical ways are strangulation, neck breaking, suffocation, and anal electrocution.

Sign this petition and demand Japan stop importing furs from overseas. The popularity of furs has dropped drastically and no animal should die for an article of clothing.


Dear Mr. Moriyama,

Recently, the last fur farm in all of Japan closed its doors for good which is amazing news. There were around 4,000 fur farms in Japan during the industry’s peak, so it is clear a lot of great work has been done to help these animals. The 2,500 minks held on the farm will no longer be tortured and killed for their coats.

However, despite this great news, Japan continues to import 1.67 million furs from overseas. Animals on fur farms typically live in small, dirty cages where they have limited access to food and water. The animals face pain and misery daily and are crudely killed in whatever way is cheapest.

Please consider no longer importing furs from overseas. There are many cruelty-free alternatives available that should be utilized. No animal should die for an article of clothing.


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Photo credit: Oikeutta elaimille

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  1. Cynthia Mattera says:

    NO ANIMAL should ever live like this, be tortured like this, and killed for their skins , fur, feathers or meat. PLEASE stop the import of furs overseas.

  2. Fur farms are one of the cruelest forms of animal torture in existence! Many helpless animals are skinned alive, many literally go insane confined in tiny wire cages! Their lives are painfully miserable, consisting of daily suffering.
    NO human needs fur. NO animal should be subjected to such intense sadistic cruelty!
    Japan should not be importing overseas furs! Wear something else. There are plenty of options that won’t create such barbaric suffering!!!!

  3. Rosslyn Osborne says:

    How gross to have a dead animal draped over your body and think it beautiful? Think of the cruelty and heinous suffering these animals went through!
    Please lobby all businesses to stop selling furs, and make TV advertisements and documentaries to educate the Japanese people, to these horrors.
    Do these importers think it it right to have their own country ‘removed’ from the barbaric practices of Fur Farming, and then condone it happening in other countries? It does not make it right! Please stop this practice now!

  4. Itt is not just Japan. Despite that they are out of fashion in some countries, there are still millions of furs purchased each year in China, Russia, Ukraine and more. We humans are very resourceful and sophisticated when it comes to the cruelty towards animals. We are truly horrible species!

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