Justice for Kitten Burned Alive


Target: Steve Schreiner, Provo City Prosecutor

Goal: Seek the maximum punishment for man who allegedly burned kitten alive and sadistically killed multiple others.

A live kitten was allegedly set on fire and left to burn to death by a man who is accused of murdering multiple cats. According to neighbors, 26-year-old Spencer Pedersen had been viciously murdering cats and dumping their bodies in the neighbors’ yards. According to Matt Nelson, at least eight dead or abused kittens were thrown in his dog pen. Nelson says he believes the cat killer dumped them in hopes that the dogs would eat the remains, hiding any evidence of the sick crimes.

Pedersen, was charged with three counts of animal cruelty, all of them involving dead kittens. The police sergeant said that Pedersen even had a photo of one of the dead kittens on his phone. This is clearly a severe problem, which will undoubtedly grow and likely consume more innocent lives if this person isn’t stopped. Please sign this petition to demand that Mr. Pedersen receives the maximum possible penalty and a permanent ban from owning animals.


Dear Mr. Schreiner,

A man was charged with multiple counts of animal cruelty after allegedly murdering them and tossing them into neighbors’ yards. One kitten was reportedly set on fire and burned alive, and at least eight dead kittens were thrown into a neighbor’s dog pen.

Police say they found a photo of one of the dead kittens on Spencer Pedersen’s phone. These heinous accusations of cruelty make it clear that this person could be a severe threat to other humans and animals. We demand that he be punished to the maximum extent and banned from ever owning animals, if guilty.


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Photo credit: Jaya

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  1. Carol Brandt says:

    Go to http://ktla.com/tag/spencer-pedersen/ to see the ugly monster. He lives in Utah. Come on, Utah, are you going to let him walk around?

  2. Come on people of Utah,forget a fine,a prison sentence,give him the real punishment he deserves.

  3. Utah..act in justice..quick..remove killer …forever

    • This guy needs to get the death penalty. He is definetly sick in the head! We don’t need people roaming the streets like this and doing this rotten acts to other helpless animals! Set him on fire. That would be the thing to do to him. Why do we need to pay for him to be jail or prison, put him out of his misery and give peace to the earth.

  4. Stop with all the talking. Someone has to really do something about these kind of people that will send a bone chilling message to them.

  5. Mary-Frances Ellis says:

    Kill this bastard! I hope he gets the same torture. One less piece of crap breathing air & taking up space.

  6. What irony that one of this country’s best animal welfare organizations – Best Friends of Kanab – and this lunatic Spencer Pedersen are both located in Utah.
    What the Authorities need to realize is this psycho is a very disturbed person, and is not going to stop. Unless THEY stop him. But, hey, “it’s only cats. Right?” WRONG!
    I’ve seen some pretty nasty cat abuse coming out of Utah. So, Utah, what’s your problem? Setting a living creature on fire is truly sick. So is encasing them in cement, and beating them to death. DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS MONSTER.

  7. I think you should burn this guy alive and throw his body parts to the wild animals. This guy is a monster and does not have the right to live.

  8. Get The bastard! Give him the same treatment—burn HIM alive!

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