Demand Justice for Hunting Dog Found Shot and Buried


Target: Barry Nisbet, Killaloe, Ontario Provincial Police Constable

Goal: Find and severely punish whoever cruelly killed a hunting dog and buried the animal in a park.

A hunting dog, who’d been shot in the head, was reportedly found wearing a radio collar used for tracking deer. The poor creature’s body was buried in an area of the park where hunting is prohibited.

Whoever did this used an innocent dog to hunt for deer in a prohibited location, then murdered the animal in cold blood and buried it like garbage. Anyone capable of going this far to harm animals with absolute carelessness is dangerous. Sign this petition demanding this person be found and severely punished as soon as possible.


Dear Mr. Nisbet,

A hunting dog was reportedly found buried in the area of a park that’s known as a game preservation. Officials say that the animal was wearing an electronic radio device used for tracking deer.

It seems clear that someone was wrongly using this poor animal to hunt for deer, then killed it in cold-blood. This is the behavior of a heartless, emotionless person who is putting lives in danger every minute that they aren’t locked up. We implore you to do everything possible to find out who committed this vile act of cruelty upon an innocent animal and severely punish them.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Christine Und David Schmitt

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  1. Your Country is a disgrace to the rest of the world

  2. It’s a pretty common practice among hunters to kill other hunters’ dogs because they don’t want the interference.

    Yeah, hunters are soooo ethical.

  3. michelle taylor says:

    The only good hunter is a dead one.Hunt the hunter!An eye for an eye! We need to unite globally and turn these filthbag hunters each and every one of these basrtards into fertilizer!!!!

  4. I realize I’m spitting in the wind, but I LIVE for the day when animals are not just someone’s property. They are living, feeling creatures who deserve our compassion. Just because a dog either can no longer hunt, or is someone else’s dog, does NOT give someone the right to end its life. This dog did its master’s bidding, and got shot for it. Nice.
    Another POS that needs to go away permanently.

  5. To Begin With, I Earnestly And Humbly Hope, With All Of My Being, That Divinity, Be The One True Companion Of This Blessed Beautiful Innocent Vulnerable And Precious Little Soul, In Her/Him In Her/His Life After, Wherever, She/He Might Be; Keeping And Healing Her/Him, In Every Which Way Forevermore.

    As Do I, Earnestly And Humbly Hope, With All Of My Being, That By The Grace Of Divinity, Her/His Precious Little Innocent Soul, May Rest In Eternal Peace.

    That Having Been Said, If I May, Do Kindly Pardon Me, But Our Human Kind, Is The Most Dangerous, Deceiving And Disgusting Beings To Have Walked The Earth; Unworthy, To Be Bestowed With The Blessing Of Precious Life.

    I Am Discomposed, Confounded, Speechless And Harrowed, To Learn That Such Inhumane Transgressions Are Happening So Very Blatantly, In Every Part Of Our World.

    I Earnestly Am At A Loss Of Words, More Often Than Not, To Learn Of That, Our Human Kind Is Capable Of Doing; Let Alone To A Frail Helpless Little Soul.

    Every Life Is Precious, None, More Precious, Than The Other; Until And Unless, All Of Life, Is Acknowledged, Understood, Respected, Nurtured, Preserved And Protected With That Rudimentary Belief, Our Human Laws, Could Never Truly Be, Just, In Any Which Way.

    Though, In My Humble Belief, There Could Truly Be, No Justice For This Innocent Little Souls Harrowed Passing; I Earnestly And Humbly Hope, With All Of My Being, That By The Grace Of Divinity, The Inhumane Beings, Who Mercilessly, Barbarically And Brutally, Abused, Tortured, Violated, And Murdered This Innocent Little Soul, Are Rightfully Held Accountable For Their Transgression And Not A Charade, In The Name Of Justice; Resolute, In Every Which Way, Lawfully And Karmicly.

    Failing Which, I Dread That Such Inhumane Dastardly Egregious Sadistic And Flagitious Beings, Shall Never Fear Of Their Thought, Nor Deed.

    I Earnestly And Humbly Hope, We Work Toward Shaping A World, That Is Humane, Compassionate, Forbearing, Unprejudiced, Unbigoted, Responsible, Righteous And Educated, Toward All Of Life.

    Bearing Which, I Signed This Petition And Shared, The Same Forward; For That, Is Perhaps, The Very Least, That I Could Possibly Do, Toward Supporting The Effort, To Seek Justice For This Blessed Innocent Vulnerable And Defenceless Soul.

    Cartloads Of Love, Cuddles, Kisses And The Much Hoped Blessings Of Divinity, To This Precious Little Innocent Soul, Always And Forevermore.

    Keep The Faith And May Divinity Never Cease To Keep You.

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