Justly Punish Woman Accused of Slowly Killing Thousands of Pets


Target: Jorge Fernandez Diaz, Minister of the Interior, Spain

Goal: Demand a heavier sentence for woman accused of running a shelter that euthanized over 2,000 animals in a slow and horrific manner to increase profits in Torremolinos, Spain.

Prosecutors are seeking a measly four-year sentence for a woman who is accused of torturing and killing thousands of cats and dogs. Police claim that Carmen Marin Aguilar would give pets a low dosage of a euthanasia drug in an improper manner so that she could save on costs. This would have resulted in the poor animals suffering long excruciating deaths just so she could save on drug and housing costs.

There is no chance that a person would have not noticed that there was a problem with the amount and way that the drug was administered. The animals would have writhed and howled in pain for hours. Investigators claim that the woman would disconnect security cameras and play loud music to mask the sound of the agonized animals, so that her crimes would go undiscovered. She is also accused of operating a veterinary clinic without having any certification. People entrusted an apparent fraud with the lives of their pets. She still denies these allegations and claims to love animals.

To cause so many animals such horrific deaths in such a calculating manner without the faintest hint of regret is unthinkable. If this woman is proved to have committed this crime, she deserves to be punished more severely than a four-year sentence, especially if she is pleading not guilty. Sign this petition to urge Spain to give her a heavier sentence to deter people from committing crimes of this nature.


Dear Minister Diaz,

As Minister of the Interior you oversee the National Police Force. Prosecutors are seeking a four year sentence in a case where Carmen Marin Aguilar is accused of torturing and slowly killing over 2,000 cats and dogs to save money. Investigators also claim that she fraudulently set up a pet clinic without certification. Surely giving her such a light sentence for such serious crimes emboldens other criminals to commit acts of cruelty and fraud for profit.

If this woman is found guilty, then she coldly administered a drug that would have made these animals suffer hours of agonizing pain before finally dying. She was entrusted with the wellbeing of these animals and she should be held responsible for what took place in her facility. I urge you to reevaluate the severity of the crimes that she is accused of and increase the punishment accordingly.


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Photo credit: Screenshot from video by ElRefugioTV

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  1. I always thought the Asian people were the cruelist people in the world but the Spanish people are every bit as sick and cruel. If you’re not killing bulls for some out dated tradition ,your hanging greyhounds, not this sick women sentenced these poor animals to a slow painful death. The only reason why crimes against animals continues is because the people who could pass Real punishment on them fail to do so. The world forgets that God put these animals on the earth for us to look over and care for. Apparently the Spanish people don’t know who God is. But he know s who you are and the ones committing these crimes and the people who don’t punish them for killing innocent animals will have to answer to Him one day . May you all burn in hell for not protecting the innocent!

  2. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Rot in hell u piece of sh!t bitch❗️?
    Signed & Shared ?

  3. It would be nice if you give more information to those willing to sign the petition. Like the source of the story, how was the investigation done,if it was done well, any videos of the subject. More evidence and facts.

    Signing a petition without that knowledge is unwise. So you know the entire story, to avoid misinformation.

  4. Yolanda Bernhard says:

    in Spain there are (only the animal abusers and haters) lots and lots of monsters, slay the animals and torment without end. whether have the religious or traditional reasons is not important, the main thing flowing blood, but not their own blood.
    Is SPAIN a nation of animal killers ??????
    I believe, with such a mass murderer of an ex-kingship and their religious secular traditions. Religious hypocritical, barbaric beasts, falsehood, etc. Pooh – Pooh – Pooh

    There are also these wonderful Spanish people who save animals and help – thank God
    of great atrocity, Noxious
    Find and hang up these goddamd animal torments

  5. Darlene Avery says:

    Please send this horrific monster away for twenty years. This vile murderous sub-human should not be allowed to be free in society. She is a danger to all animals and children. Shame on you for letting her away with this ridiculous sentence. What is wrong with you?

  6. Anton Kupers says:

    woman is a massmurderer !!

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