Stop Cutting Up and Cooking Live Animals


Target: Ben Hueso, California State Senate

Goal: Prohibit animals from being prepared alive in restaurants.

At many restaurants in California, a dish called “sannakji” is served. Sannakji is Korean for wriggling octopus and that is exactly what the dish is: A live octopus has his sensitive tentacles hacked off one by one, and when there are no more limbs, the octopus is ripped open from the mantle to let his intestines fall out.

Octopuses feel pain just like humans, dogs and other animals do. Each time a limb is severed, the octopus can feel the new wave of pain. Octopuses are incredibly intelligent animals and are known as the “primates of the sea.” According to Cephalopod expert Dr. Jennifer Mather, octopuses “can anticipate a painful, difficult, stressful situation – they can remember it.”

Sign this petition and demand lawmakers prohibit animals from being prepared alive in restaurants. To continue doing so is incredibly cruel.


Dear Senator Hueso,

At many restaurants within California, a dish called “sannakji” is served, which is Korean for wriggling octopus. The dish is often prepared in front of guests and the show is incredibly barbaric.

Chefs chop up an octopus limb by limb until they are all gone. When each sensitive limb has been hacked off, the octopus is ripped open from the mantle to let the intestine fall out. Octopuses, just like dogs, rabbits and other animals, feel pain and experience a new, unbearable rush of pain each time a limb is cut off.

Octopus are incredibly intelligent animals and should not be subjected to this unnecessary torture. Please consider introducing a new law that would protect animals and ban restaurants from preparing animals alive.


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Photo credit: Pseudopanax

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  1. To hack off pieces of something causing suffering and pain is absolutely inexcusable. What kind of sick sociopaths do this and who in the world would want this done so they can eat it? Is there any end to the human creeps of the world and what they do?

  2. Anne Marshall says:

    We live in America, not in Korea or any other foreign country. We respect all animals here. This kind of treatment of any living creature is inexcusable!

  3. what is going on in this evil vile and sick world, who thinks to do these things to start with, they must be low life scum. anything for money,

  4. Linda Wilson says:

    It’s the complete lack of empathy that I find hard to understand allow this and you will soon be allowing the torture and live cooking of dogs and cats that traditionally goes on in other countries. Change happens almost imperceptibly and people get used to things, look at how many people are now wearing real fur without batting an eyelid.

  5. Cynthia Mattera says:

    Shame on the people who are serving these poor creatures, and also shame on the people eating them. Are you cave men??? These are intelligent creatures who feel pain and fear just like we do. What you are doing is sick and twisted! PLEASE stop torturing these living creatures. Stop serving them and eating them. THEY ARE ALIVE!!!!!

  6. Jaclyn Bisanz says:

    this is disgusting. the animal is alive and terrified, waiting in anguish until they cut off another of its limbs. SO INHUMANE. seriously, makes me sick.

  7. Marilyn Glasgow says:

    This is our wonderful, superior species. Are you all ashamed? I am.

  8. Having seen that this is a Korean dish I am not surprised, considering their treatment of animals, etc. No doubt this is quite common in Korea and not just with octopuses. What does surprise me is that it is happening in Califórnia – surely some of the cliente
    s in the restaurants must protest. They can’t all be sadistic, ignorant types who enjoy watching that sort of thing.

  9. Lisa Zarafonetis Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    This is HORRIBLE❗️😠
    Signed & Shared 😡

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