Prosecute Man Accused of Ripping Chicken’s Head Off


Target: Judge Graeme Henson, Chief Magistrate of New South Wales Local Court

Goal: Seek the maximum possible penalty for the man who allegedly ripped a chicken’s head off.

A man reportedly ripped a chicken’s head off with his bare hands in a drunken fit of rage. According to police reports, 25-year-old Scott Greentree had been drinking with his friend, but after his friend went home for the night, Greentree showed up to harass him. He allegedly banged on the garage door and demanded to be let inside. Reports say he began walking up and down his friend’s driveway cursing and yelling before smashing a garage window out. After his friend refused to allow him inside, he allegedly took a chicken from his friend’s chicken coop and brutally ripped the animal’s head off, killing it, according to court documents.

Police dogs reportedly found Greentree covered in blood, hiding in a bush behind the house. He was charged with animal cruelty and property damage. Greentree is set to be sentenced soon. Sign this petition to demand that this allegedly dangerous, violent man be given the maximum punishment possible.


Dear Judge Henson,

An innocent chicken was brutally murdered by a man who allegedly decapitated the animal in a senseless rage. According to police reports, the drunken man became enraged after being refused entrance inside his friend’s home. That’s when he allegedly resorted to savagery and ripped the head off of his friend’s pet chicken.

This senseless violence inflicted upon an innocent, small animal is an example of of a person who’s capable of greatly endangering and harming living beings. We urge you to make sure this man is punished to the maximum possible extent, if guilty.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Dagny Mol

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  1. Let’s the inmates rip his fuckin head off!!!!

  2. This is horrific. Procecute the monster that did this. Lock them up. Horrible. Poor animals bring tirtured

    • This senseless attack must not fall through the cracks of justice, especially as these types of people generally are trouble for all others, and animals, and basically anything that falls in their path or gets in their way, or what they want…drunk, stoned OR sober. Other people enjoy a night out, drinking, and don’t rip the heads off chickens… This seems more of a case of personality disorder than a case of mere drinking – CLEARLY, this guy needs a psychiatric evaluation on top of the most MAX sentencing possible…

  3. BARBARIC BLOODY UGLY MONSTER!!! I’m always amazed not to hear anything about vigilante JUSTICE when it comes to crimes of CRUELTY like this case. The BASTARD deserves an eye for eye kind of punishment. I hope at least the judge will hammer this monster with a maximum sentence, a lifetime ban that prohibits him from owning or even so much as being allowed to reside on the same property as another animal. He’s one of the very reason’s animal abusers registries need to be in place. He should also be whacked with a huge fine. I just wish guys like him could be wiped right off the face of the earth…one less animal abuser to contend with!!! Poor vulnerable little chicken…what a horrifying death. ZERO TOLERANCE is a MUST!!!

    • Carol Brandt says:

      I too do not understand someone braver than myself doesn’t mete out their own justice. Someone who is as outraged as I am that an innocent little creature is tortured in the course of killing the poor thing. I keep pet banties, and they are so fun and amazingly intelligent. Someone please…

  4. Yolanda Bernhard says:

    This son of a whore also tear his head off- but slowly

  5. Another useless asshole with no self control and a sociopathic personality. He should seriously go to jail for this act.

  6. Lisa Zarafonetis says:


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