Men Torture and Stomp Off Head of Kangaroo – Take Action Now


Target: Commissioner of Police Grant Stevens, Southern Australia

Goal: Demand justice for a kangaroo that was tortured and killed by a group of young men who posted the barbarous crime on social media.

In an astonishingly sadistic act of animal cruelty that was posted on social media, four men stomped on a wild kangaroo’s head so viciously that the animal’s eyes bulged from his sockets and his head was removed from his body. Before this horrific slaughter the men ran down the animal with their vehicle, then they proceeded to brutally torture it. They stabbed the animal several times, and put out a lit cigarette on his hide.

It is hard to imagine the fear and pain that this wild animal endured as it was tortured for the camera. All of the suffering that this poor creature endured was so that these men could share the film of their exploits on Snapchat. These disturbed individuals thought that this video would be fitting to share with the world. It is only fitting that this nightmarish video of them abusing this animal should lead to their capture and punishment.

The crime took place in Australia where the punishment for this crime is up to four years in prison or up to 50,000 Australian dollars in fines. Sign this petition to urge the police to find the twisted men responsible for this horrendous act of cruelty to an innocent animal.


Dear Commissioner Stevens,

In August a group of four men ran down, tortured and killed a kangaroo; they then proceeded to post a film of this on the social media platform Snapchat. This horrible act of animal cruelty has yet to be punished. The men responsible have yet to be found and brought to justice for their barbaric behavior.

After he was hit with their car, the kangaroo was filmed as they stabbed it, burned it with a lit cigarette and stomped on the poor creature until his head became detached from his body. The callous nature of this crime is disturbing in its lack of remorse; the kills sought to share their perverse pleasure with the online world. This aggravated cruelty deserves a response from the law.

I urge you to do more to find the twisted men that committed this crime. Who knows what other acts of sick violence they are capable of?


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Photo credit: MemoryCatcher

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  1. Yolanda Bernhard says:

    I would also like to burn this whole pack of animals alive and torment a lot more to death. It is no longer enduring like these poor animals must suffer. These are all feeling cripples of these monstermen.
    They should be extinguished. So much exorbitant brutality and absolute cruelty is no longer to be surpassed.

    so, my wonderful, sweet angel, now you’re in a better world and lets you in sky cure from your madness torment.
    my heart is crying and bleeds – I pray for you and for all poor and suffering animals

    I love you all my sweet angel
    of great atrocity, Noxious

  2. JN Dauterive says:

    “It is only fitting that this nightmarish video of them abusing this animal should lead to their capture and punishment.” Can’t say it any better than that.

  3. What is wrong with these evil monsters. find them and Lock them up for life as they are a danger to all in society. Hope they rot in hell !!!

  4. Marilyn Glasgow says:

    How is there such filthy scum walking on this earth? Who in heaven’s name gave birth to such evil things? This awful, sadistic cruelty is not to be borne. And how many viewers of that sickening video watched it and enjoyed it? Rest in peace, poor little helpless kangaroo.

  5. The men should be burned and tortured to death. I wish people like this didn’t exist on this earth.

  6. Kristin Fiveash says:

    These ‘men’ lack empathy and compassion.That being said,I would trade all my possessions to hunt them,trap them in the most barbaric,razorblade foothold trap,beat them,remove their flesh in one inch squares,one small piece at a time.This innocent creature deserved none of this torture,I truly hope with all my heart and soul,the “people” who did this meet the same the same type of fate.Maybe when theyre elderly and/or crippled,they will be in the care of someone as sick as themselves,unable to defend themselves or speak.I wish nothing but endless years of mental and physical pain on anyone who holds this type of evil in their hearts.In a perfect world,they will cross paths with a man capable of inflicting what I wish I could upon them.This beautiful kangaroo just wanted to live it’s life, basically intruders come into his/her home and tortured him/her.Please,someone knows these cowards,knows where they are and what they do,speak out for them.This can’t be the only barbaric act they’ve committed.


  8. Lisa Zarafonetis Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Time to stomp their heads off their pos bodies❗️?
    Signed & Shared ?

  9. Leonie Argent says:

    Another petition that will still be here this time next year… they are merely collecting your details, people. If you must sign, DON’T give them your address (or use a fake ID).

  10. the same death should come to their single mothers. In Ireland, hundreds of years ago, single mothers were buried, and the world was better and cheaper because of this. I DO NOT WORSHIP SINGLE MOTHERS or “religion”.

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