Stop Illegal Poaching of Red Pandas

Target: President Xi Jinping

Goal: Demand that China crack down on illegal poaching of red pandas.

There are less than 10,000 red pandas left in the world. The World Wildlife Fund classifies them as ‘vulnerable,’ meaning that they are facing a high risk of extinction in the wild. Many factors affect the survival status of red pandas. Most red pandas live in the Eastern Himalayas, where they live in trees and eat bamboo. Unfortunately, the Eastern Himalayas are being cleared of forests. The substantial loss of habitat means that the red pandas’ natural home is being destroyed. But deforestation is not the only thing affecting the red pandas: people in China are hunting these animals for their furs and their tails. Their fur is used in several cultural ceremonies, including weddings, because red pandas are considered symbols of good luck.

Despite the immense devastation to their home, it is not too late to protect the red panda. China has already banned the hunting of red pandas, but illegal poaching still occurs. China needs to do more. More severe penalties for people who hunt red pandas need be enacted in order to stop this practice before more red pandas are lost. Only if China can stop the illegal poaching of red pandas will the red panda population begin to recover. China must know how strongly people feel about the illegal poaching of red pandas. Demand that they enact better measures to stop this behavior.


Dear President Xi Jinping,

The red panda is a very important species in China. It is used in many cultural ceremonies, including weddings, because it is considered a symbol of good luck. Unfortunately, current practices mean that this good luck symbol might not be around for very much longer, unless drastic measures are taken. While it is illegal to hunt red pandas in China, the practice continues illegally. Poaching of red pandas, primarily for their fur and unique bushy tails, is cutting into the already dwindling population of this species. Please enact legislation to protect these beautiful and culturally important creatures before it is too late for them.

Only 10,000 red pandas remain in China, and they are on the World Wildlife Fund’s list of vulnerable species, meaning they are at a high risk of facing extinction. About half of the red panda population lives in the Eastern Himalayas, which are being systematically destroyed by deforestation. These creatures are not dying from natural causes. They are being hunted to extinct. Legislation to increase the seriousness of poaching crimes can go a long way to saving these animals. We urge you to act immediately to save the remaining red pandas from a fate they do not deserve.


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Photo Credit: Harlequeen on Flickr

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  1. Stephen Murphy says:

    Unusual for the Chinese to be cruel.

  2. Seriously, when are humans going to stop once and for all?!!!!!

  3. Please stop this cruelty immediately! Man is the most dangerious animal in the world. Humans will do all evil things for a buck. SHAM ON THIS!

  4. Geez, why does this not surprise me!!! I’m Asian and thank god I don’t live in Asian countries otherwise I’d probably be killed trying to stop these horrible humans who do this!

  5. China strikes again!! What animals do you NOT want to hunt to extinction due to greed & just plain cruelty.


    I just read that 96 elephants are poached a day in Africa so China can have ivory to carve trinkets. Now they want red panda tails for weddings also????? Are all these animal species there for the soul purpose to be mowed down for those people who have no regard whatsoever about an amimal’s place in the ecosystem? Tiger bones were used in traditional Chinese medicine. Tigers are almost extinct and China has moved on to using lion bones and lions are becoming increasingly rare to the point they are ranch raised now. Every day it’s something else. Some other loss or some other threat or extinction. Geez, now it’s those cute little red guys. I feel like crying!!!

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