Pregnant Cat Set On Fire Deserves Justice


Target: Will Hodgman, Premier of Tasmania

Goal: Find and severely punish whoever is responsible for setting a pregnant cat on fire.

Milly, a pregnant cat, was set on fire in a gruesome attack that left her with severe burns to the back of her head and neck. The veterinarian said that Milly’s injuries were so bad that they thought she was going to lose an ear. Authorities are advising people to keep their pets inside as they believe that someone deliberately poured an accelerant on Milly before setting the poor cat on fire. The RSPCA and police have had other allegations regarding domestic pets being targeted, and they believe that Milly’s attack wasn’t an isolated one.

Despite the horrific attack, Milly gave birth to a healthy litter of kittens and the veterinarian expects her to make a full recovery. After she heals from the severe injuries and her kittens are old enough to be adopted, Milly is set to go to a safe home. Unfortunately, the person committing these senseless, savage attacks against innocent pets will probably continue unless they’re stopped. Please sign this petition to help bring Milly justice and demand that the attacker be severely punished.


Dear Premier Hodgman,

A pregnant cat suffered with severe burns on her head and the back of her neck after being deliberately set on fire. The poor cat survived and has since given birth, but her attacker is still on the loose.

Authorities have said that there have been reports of other domestic pets being targeted in the same way Milly the cat was. We urge you to help stop this dangerous, violent person and ensure that they’re punished to the maximum extent possible.


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Photo credit: nmwsc [Laika Doll]

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  1. Bobbie Littler says:

    Animal Abusers Shouldn’t Do This Because It’s Not The Right Thing To Do And Spiteful People Shouldn’t Deserve To Be Near Animals & Because Animals Want To Be Part Of A Family And Not Be Thrown Out

  2. Yolanda Bernhard says:

    I call them subhuman demonic refuse. The scale of pain they inflicted upon an animal that did niothing to deserve it disturbs me to no end.

  3. When someone is angry at the world, I wonder why they have to torture and kill innocent animals and people. Just skip the bullshit and take yourself out. It’s the right thing to do.
    Or, maybe they’re just plain evil. Either way, they need to go the hell away.

  4. Monster’s kill yourself already.
    You’re a waste to the human race!

  5. they need to be set on fire what a beautiful little girl I have one at home a rescue cat that is her twin I’d love to have her find these creeps and punish them


  7. Nooshin Perla says:

    Unless we do what they do to our loving animals, these bastard will not stop. we have we NEED to change our laws as far as these sick bastard are concern!! Our law maker are as guilty as these damn morons if not guiltier!!!!

  8. I would TREMENDOUSLY love to to set these piece of garbage, waste of oxygen maggots on fire myself and watch them burn to death SLOWLY. I want to hear them scream in pain beyond belief and I will LMFAO watching them suffer HORRIBLY. Set the fire ? first under their ‘manhood’ and watch that ****er sizzle and blister and after it starts blistering run some steel wool up and down it. WOW THIS WOULD BE SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!! And this is what EVERY single soul deserves who harms an animal IN ANY WAY. Animals, birds, every gift ? that we were given to love and treasure as family.
    I said maggots above and even their worth more than any animal abuser.

  9. Please stop signing this/leaving your personal details, people! Look how long it has been in existence! The people originally creating it have no intention of ever presenting it to anyone, they are merely collecting information they can sell.

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