Demand Stricter Punishments for Animal Cruelty


Target: Paul D. Ryan, Speaker of the House of Representatives

Goal: Pass bill to ensure harsher consequences for acts of animal cruelty.

A bill that would increase the severity of penalties for mistreating animals passed in the Senate, but was let drop by the House of Representatives. Especially in light of the continuously growing amount of research about the intelligence of domestic animals, it is vital and urgent to ensure they are treated humanely.

The bill, sponsored by Senator Richard Alloway (R), would create the offense of aggravated cruelty to animals, and more severe consequences for reckless endangerment or intentional abuse of animals. It has other, more specific stipulations as well, including prohibiting tethering dogs for long periods of time if they are without food, water, and shelter. It would also extend anti-cruelty laws that apply to other animals to horses as well. In that past, laws that govern the care of horses have been different because they are used in racing, competitions, and breeding.

Owning an animal means taking responsibility and caring for it, and laws governing the consequences for not doing so should reflect the seriousness of that. The bill should be reintroduced, and adequate funding provided to enforce the laws. Sign below to support the approval of this bill.


Dear Speaker Ryan,

Many intelligent animals suffer severe mistreatment and abuse by their owners, and punishment for these actions should reflect the severity of the crime. The House of Representatives failed to act on a bill passed in the Senate calling for harsher consequences for animal cruelty. This bill must be reintroduced and supported, along with adequate funding to enforce it.

The bill was sponsored by Senator Richard Alloway (R) and would ensure increased penalties for recklessly endangering or intentionally abusing animals by creating the offense of aggravated cruelty. It would require that dogs have access to food, water, and shelter if they are going to be tethered for long periods of time, and that cruelty laws that govern the treatment of other animals also be applied to horses, currently not included because horse racing, competitions, and breeding are used as grounds for a separate set of laws. These animals need and deserve protection. I urge you to pass this bill and support safety and justice for America’s domestic animals.


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  1. Cynthia Mattera says:

    Thank you Mr Ryan!! Its about time animals had rights!!!!

  2. Please Mr Ryan, do the right thing and get this passed. To many animals are viciously being harmed and all that happens is these people basically get a slap on the hand. Today’s world is vicious. We need the bill to pass. Thank you !

  3. Rosslyn Osborne says:

    Mr Ryan, it has been a proven fact in many countries, that perpetrators receiving a ‘slap on the wrist’ or small monetary fine for animal abuse will continue their trend. When they no longer have their satisfaction fulfilled, they move on to child and spousal abuse.
    Therefore by setting the ‘bar’ very high for animal abuse with large fines and jail time, coupled with counselling, you will be saving the lives of all species.
    Sincerely think upon this. Thank you.

  4. There is a mountain if clear evidence that animal abusers are violent criminals that go on or are already perpetrators of other series violent crime… Please increase the punishment and monitoring of these sick criminals. Please for the lives saved and suffering that can be stopped!

  5. Pass a bill for the death penalty.. that’s what I have to say about it and we won’t have to worry about them doing it again .all they are is shit anyway..

  6. Mr. Ryan:

    I’m a fellow Wisconsinite and am sickened by the lack of punishments doled out to animal abusers/tortureres/killers. Let’s think about what type of human being could be so twisted and mean to treat a living being who can’t speak, can’t beg for him or her to stop, in such cruel and vile manners? Is this person safe to be among society? When this person moves on to human victims, most likely children first, would it not be awful to know that had a law been passed to protect the innocent animal victims that this monster could have been stopped and a human life spared? If abuse against animals doesn’t mean something to you, I beg of you to see this broader picture. The point is animals deserve better protection and these monsters who abuse and torture them deserve severe punishments. From domestic animals to slaughterhouse abuses to the fur industry, everywhere. They should not be getting off with small fines. These animals lives matter. They are innocent and they are voiceless. Animals feel pain and have emotions. These animals have feelings and you will know this if you visit a shelter or rescue filled with abused, unwanted and most importantly VOICELESS victims of human cruelty. If you think this cruelty doesn’t matter because it’s just toward an animal, it does matter. It matters not only to that innocent victim but it matters to our society as a whole.

    Thank you,
    Jean Marie Eder

  7. We do not live in the dark ages, completely ignorant of the fact that animals experience pain, fear, happiness, joy, contentment, anxiety, etc. It’s time that laws in all countries are updated to protect animals from this kind of suffering and abuse. There is no need to abuse animals in this manner and those who find it entertaining must be educated on the physical, psychological and emotional effects it has on the animals.

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