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Target: Animal Petitions site team,

(Sorry for my English, I’m not a native speaker)
Some time ago this site has added “Sign multiple petitions with one click” option. What does this mean? A simple thing: people are signing petitions without reading, all they see is the petition name. But those names – they always sound good, but not always match the text. E.G. there are petitions on various sites called “justice for murdered animals in Russia” demanding new laws and some of them even claim there are no animal protection laws in Russia. It’s a lie, there are laws, but due to corruption they are not working. New laws won’t work as well, but those who saw the new draft know it will open many loopholes, such as possibility to sell strays to China, and we all know what it means. It means dog meat trade. Lobbysts of this law start petitions to create an image that “people want it”. No, they don’t. No one wants to be banned from having more than one animal if he has only one room in his apartment. And there is such a statement in that proposed law. There are people who will make money on it – and they want this law passed, that’s why such petitions appear from time to time. And all you see is just its name “Justice for murdered puppies”. Of course we want justice! But the petition in fact demands the opposite. It doesn’t demand the current law to be applied – and this law means jail for them! – it demands more useless and dangerous laws.
And this is not the only case of misleading names. Another example is false victories when we are told that “Company XXX goes, say, cage-free! Let’s thank them!” But if you read the text carefully you see they will go cage-free in 2025. And, if we don’t read the text we are forced to say “Wow, thank you!” instead of “2025? Ok, we’ll come in 2025, not earlier”.
So I ask the site team to stop making money on people’s lasiness, carelessness or desinformation and remove this option from premium accounts. It’s not a thing you can make money of.

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  1. Maria Mahyorova says:

    Some time ago I sent a link to the petition to the site team. They ignored it completely, but removed me from their e-mail list. This is theit policy. “just business”. Farewell,

  2. Maria Mahyorova says:

    And – of course – they excluded the petition from their regular newsletter. Did I have to pay for including it? But there was no pay option when creating the petition.

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