Release Suffering Jaguar Doomed to Live in Tiny Cage


Target: Daryl Richardson, Owner of the Dallas World Aquarium

Goal: Retire B’alam the jaguar to an accredited sanctuary.

The Dallas World Aquarium currently holds a lone black jaguar in an enclosure no bigger than the average living room. Onlookers saw the jaguar pacing as visitors banged on the glass of his prison. It is time B’alam is sent to an accredited sanctuary.

The Dallas World Aquarium has had jaguars for years and, over these years, many problems have arisen. One of the aquarium’s first jaguars was returned to his owner after he became sick, and later died. Another died while under anesthesia and yet another lost his leg after fighting one of the aquarium’s other exotic cats.

Many visitors have left the aquarium feeling sick with how this jaguar is forced to live. Sign this petition and demand the Dallas World Aquarium retire B’alam to an accredited sanctuary.


Dear Mr. Richardson,

Your aquarium has held jaguars for years, however, many problems have occurred over this time. Several jaguars have died and one lost his leg. Now, B’alam is forced to live in a small enclosure all alone while onlookers bang on his glass. It is time B’alam experiences the life he deserves and is retired to an accredited sanctuary.

Many visitors have left your aquarium in disgust with B’alam’s living situation. He has been seen pacing back and forth excessively and is clearly miserable. In the wild, jaguars live in an area of about eight to 30 miles, climb tall trees, and play in big bodies of water. B’alam is unable to truly experience a natural life when stuck in your confinements.

Please consider retiring B’alam to an accredited sanctuary. Many sanctuaries have come forth saying that they could take B’alam. It is time to let B’alam live the life he deserves and for your zoo to stop abusing him for profit.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Cburnett

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  1. Rosslyn Osborne says:

    Please allow this distressed lonely animal to have some relief from imprisonment, he has earned you enough money over the years so retire him now.
    This poor animal needs to be free for the rest of his life, away from people, noise and smells that are abuse to his fine tuned nostrils.
    Do the right thing, please let him go to an accredited Sanctuary as soon as possible. Thank you

  2. Your Country has no laws.

  3. Debra Diana says:

    What is wrong with these evil humans. Set this jaguar FREE!

  4. What kind of people are you! Let this beautiful jaguar retire to an accredited sanctuary

  5. ROSEMARY Anderson says:

    What horrible vile people you are. To make money from the cruel and barbaric suffering of another living thing is beyond contempt. Release this poor animal and at least show you have a little human compassion left in your black money making souls.

  6. Where is the Humane Society and Animal Legal Defense Fund?

  7. Eugene W Sengstake Jr says:

    How is it that these God-damned people are allowed to get away with this in the first place??? Stupid question! People (at least not enough anyway) simply don’t care. This and many other poor animals are just not on their list of priorities – much less on the lists of those people that would actually have the authority to do something – – –

  8. Please also sign another petition which has been running for almost a year and has close to 140K signatures – the more pressure the better! Animals should not be exploited and made to suffer in this way.

  9. KatWrangler says:

    What the hell are exotic cats doing in an AQUARIUM?
    Send this poor animal, and any other that does not belong there, to a sanctuary, and make a big deal about this so you can get GOOD publicity. Do the right thing.

    Oh, wait. This is Texas – home of canned hunts and other lovely pastimes. I guess we should be glad B’alam isn’t hanging on someone’s wall.

  10. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared❗️?

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