Urge Kenya to Declare Poaching a National Disaster

Target: Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta

Goal: Declare poaching a national disaster in Kenya to help stop the cruel slaughter of elephants and rhinos

Poaching has become an epidemic in Kenya. Dozens of rhinos are killed for their horns and hundreds of elephants are slaughtered for their ivory every year. The Kenyan government has made poaching illegal, and is attempting to slow down the slaughter of Kenyan rhinos by implanting tracking chips in their horns, but still poaching continues. As The Guardian reports, the situation is so dire that the British army has sent paratroopers to Nanuki to train Kenyan rangers against the dangerous poachers. The Kenyan government has gone to great lengths to protect their wildlife from poaching, but at this point a drastic move must be made.

Kenya is known all over the world for being home to lions, African elephants, Cape buffalo, leopards and rhinoceros. African elephants and black rhinos are already on the endangered species list, and leopards and white rhinos are classified as “near threatened.” Poaching isn’t only a brutal activity that is destroying the lives of animals, but is also threatening the Kenyan economy. According to Kenyans Against Poaching, “if two of the Big-5 (animals) become extinct, the country’s tourism industry will be severely affected and as a result, jobs for tens of thousands of Kenyans will be no more.”

An iWorry campaign has estimated that every 15 minutes an elephant is poached in Africa. The severity of poaching has propelled the Kenyan government to propose a bill that would enforce a life sentence for people found guilty of poaching. While this is a great step, it will still be difficult to capture, try and convict a poacher.

By signing this petition below, you will help urge Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta to declare poaching a national disaster.


Dear Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta,

Poaching has become an epidemic in Kenya. African elephants and black rhinos are in severe danger of becoming extinct in the near future if we cannot stop the brutal practice of poaching. The Kenyan government has done a lot to try to slow down the slaughter of elephants and rhinos, but the problem only seems to get worse.

It is estimated that every 15 minutes an elephant is poached in Africa. This startling figure is not only tragic for the elephants, but it also illustrates that Kenyan tourism is at risk. If elephants become extinct, thousands of tourist will no longer travel to Kenya to catch a glimpse of the magnificent animals.

I am urging you to please declare poaching a national disaster in Kenya. Hopefully with this drastic measure, we can put a stop to poaching for good.


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Photo Credit: Ina96 via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Declaring National Disaster or any other methods to protect elephants would be tough since the poacher got help from the local and its own government who have stakes in the profits. We all can keep trying to stop this heinous crime, unless we stop beating around the bush and get to the government itself, this would be a tough war to protect elephant.
    I do believe that most of us love elephants, they are so gentle and emotional. So sad what they have to go through after having survived for thousand of years.

    • Yes, elephants have managed to survive a very long time, of course until we came along. Then nothing survives. Take away humans, then a lot would survive. We are nothing but shameful. I still do not understand our existence.

      • I’m with you. Poaching is done only by the scum of the earth and the profiteers are yet another pile of it. If ONLY they would sustain the law as it should be, and poachers shot.

      • yes, it is something to ponder as to why an infinite god would grant such a fallen creature as man to continue living on this planet. Of course you know that god knew well in advance that man would ‘screw the pooch’, it is as if the abusers of our world have his blessings.?? If you have an answer to that mystery, I would like very much to hear from you.

        • Briggitte Briggitte Arnold says:

          I’m sorry I have to say this, but with all the cruelty towards animals on our planet I have big difficulties to believe in God. Why does he let all these horrible crimes go unpunished???

          • Steven Hanley says:

            Only an idiot believes in a god, a supreme entity. It makes as much sense as believing in Father Xmas

  2. Eileen goodman says:

    I feel despair when I hear and read of the cruelty humans inflict on innocent, sentient, animals. It seems like it’s one step forward, two steps back. There has been no evolution on the part of humanity when it comes to our treatment of non human beings.

  3. Chris Speechly says:

    Apart from the obvious, it might be prudent to recognize that your wildlife is head and shoulders above any other economic asset you have

  4. The poachers along with the government are running the show even with help from some of the park rangers in favor of killing off the elephants for profit. Kenya known for their beautiful exotic wildlife is responsible for the fast extinction of their animals. Only after there is only a handful of the rhinos, lions and elephants left will they realize their own skulduggery ways was the downfall of loosing their wildlife. Declaring National Disaster would be a giant positive step towards stopping the epidemic of poaching.

  5. Steven Hanley says:

    This planet would be a far better place if the human race had never evolved.

  6. Linda Camac says:

    In a crooked world with desperate governments, and officials willing to look the other way for a few bucks, plus trophy hunting, and habitat loss….the wildlife of our world is doomed. We have to take a very aggressive stand against the subhumans who will keep going until the last elephant trumpets and the last lion roars. We not only need and anti poaching program, but we need poacher snipers in the field, or else……

  7. Sharon Kennedy says:

    For those individuals above who are questioning why God allows fallen man to continue to live on this planet and do sin…Firstly, judgment is coming….it is called Armageddon, but it will be done in God’s timing, not man’s. The Gospel has to be delivered to all corners of the globe so that the nations have time to repent…once every ear has heard the truth and the nations refuse to come into the laws and commandments of God, then the nations will fall and final judgment rendered. As for thinking that God does not care, we know that not one sparrow falls without His notice. Perhaps this will clarify things for you: “Hell is God’s great compliment to the reality of human freedom and the dignity choice.”
    C.K. Chesterton
    We have all been given the liberty to choose good or evil…the decision taken is the one for the eternal destiny…..heaven or hell. God doesn’t make the choice, we do. So don’t go blaming God for the evil that exists in the world….God never loses any battles and sinners never win!

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