Stop Selling Fur Cruelly Ripped Off Angora Rabbits


Target: Martin McClanan, CEO of Norm Thompson

Goal: Stop Norm Thompson from selling products that contain angora fur.

Major clothing retailer Norm Thompson continues to sell products that contain angora fur despite knowing the fur comes from the bodies of tortured rabbits.

Rabbits used for their fur typically live in small, dirty cages where they have limited access to food and water. Every three months, they have their fur ripped out while still conscious and with no use of any pain relief. Their lives are short and filled with misery and pain. When they don’t produce as much fur as desired, they are killed in whatever way is cheapest and most convenient. Typical ways are strangulation, suffocation and neck-breaking.

Sign this petition to demand Norm Thompson stop selling products containing angora fur. No animal should be tortured and killed for clothing.


Dear Mr. McClanan,

Your company continues to sell products that contain angora fur despite knowing angora fur comes from the bodies of tortured rabbits. This is incredibly cruel and unnecessary.

Rabbits who are abused for their fur often live in small, dirty cages where they have limited access to food and clean water. Every three months, these rabbits go through incredible pain as they have their fur ripped out. This is done without the use of any pain relief and all while still conscious. Life at an angora fur farm is hell on earth.

Please consider no longer selling products that contain angora fur. These animals should not be tortured and killed for an article of clothing. There are many other cruelty-free materials available that should be put to use instead.


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  1. CRUEL and unnecessary… The industry is now apparently concentrated in China – apparently, lack of legislation governing how it can be produced has appalling consequences for the 50 million angora rabbits industrially farmed across China. Media documents that live rabbits are tied by their front and back paws and plucked raw. Hair is ripped from their bodies to ensure fibers are as long and heavy as possible – the pain and shock of which causes the rabbits to scream… They are then put back into cruel cramped wire cages to grow their hair back, ready for plucking again. After three years the rabbits have their throats cut…
    The fashion industry attempts to put a glamorous face on this grim reality. ENOUGH. NO NEED to promote brutality and torture when there are now so many COOL, fabulous and superior alternatives…

  2. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared ?

  3. BASTARDS!!!!! I would love to skin these arseholes alive. FILTHY ROTTEN EVIL SCUM!!!!!!!!!!
    HOW CRUEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Read this if you dare.

    Please understand that china tortures animals to death because they like the taste of victims that have suffered severely. Angoras will die this way after first enduring a life of horror. I have bunnies and can tell you that the slightest pull of the tiniest piece of hair is enough to send them running for their lives, even if you’re just trying to gently groom them. That’s because they are born knowing that any hair pulling is a sign of aggression. china goes a huge step farther by ripping their skin off with the hair, or cutting into their skin with clippers or scissors. This causes extreme life-threatened responses like screaming, something they will only do once in their lives as a final death cry. But it happens to them a over and over again! They experience the most intense pain and emotional response as you can imagine, all the while feeling trapped in cages, fearing the day the ugly apes come again to drag them out of their filthy prisons for another round from hell. Every moment of there lives is wracked in pain, fear, stress, nightmares, sadness, trauma and any other feelings we would have. They are just like us, except in appearance and don’t have a mean bone in their bodies. These are your bunnies, angels in the flesh, sufferimg because of you. Whether you believe in the afterlife or not, I can tell you it is real and Christian or not, God does not forgive this type of sin. I sure wouldn’t want ro be in your shoes for all the money in the world.

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