Dog Placed in Suitcase and Left to Die in Dumpster Deserves Justice


Target: Cyrus Vance, Jr., District Attorney of New York County

Goal: Harshly punish men who allegedly trapped starving dog in a suitcase and threw him in the dumpster to die.

An emaciated dog was found after being stuffed into a suitcase and tossed in the dumpster to die. Miraculously, the dog was still alive when a carting company employee discovered him in the suitcase. According to police, the poor dog had been there for two days.

Authorities identified the main suspect as Bryan Leppe, a 22-year-old man. The dog’s owner, Alec Litzinger, is also suspected of being complicit. According to police, Litzinger allowed the poor dog to starve before Leppe threw him away like trash. Officials say the dog was handed over to the ASPCA and is expected to recover.

This dog was locked in a dark suitcase where he was forced to await a slow, terrifying death for no reason. Sign this petition to demand that the owner be harshly punished and banned from owning animals, if guilty.


Dear Mr. Vance,

A pit bull, who was disturbingly emaciated, was found inside of a suitcase that had been thrown in the dumpster. The innocent animal had been suffering inside the dark death trap for two days, according to authorities.

We urge you to help prevent this horrifying incident from happening again by ensuring that the people responsible are harshly punished and banned from owning animals.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: New York Police Department

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  1. I would wipe the smirk off the face with a sledgehammer. Ditto to his single mother. In may days, single mothers were considered dirt. That is the liberalism.

  2. This shit stain should be kicked in his face n stuffed in suitcase

  3. Elaine Rutland-Smith says:

    So glad this baby is safe. However, the human garbages should be put down, waste of human breathing valuable oxygen. Don’t want taxes keeping the likes of this trash.

  4. Maja Krstić says:

    I hope he’ll get what he deserves!!

  5. PRISON TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!LET THIS LOW LIFE BASTARD ROTTEN IN PRISON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. hang both these bastards slowly put them in cases and throw them into a dumpster these aren’t even human I hope the poor dog gets better and goes to a loving forever home I’d take it a minute but I live in Canada and can’t

  7. Humans like this need harsh punishment * What the heck is there possibly to think about * There is nothing to think about & it shames me that petitions have to be signed to get something done, to do the right thing

  8. catherine emerson says:

    someone must know these bastards and make them look over their shoulder for the rest of their ives.

  9. Sandy Simpson says:

    Need to put both these POS in suitcases and dump them in the nearest body of water. The punishment never seems to fit the crime. When the hell is that going to change?

  10. Brenda Dumont says:

    Disgusting scumball!!! Let’s beat the shit out of you and then stuff you in a suitcase and throw you in a river!!! That’s what you deserve!!! I hope when you go to jail you get the shit beat out of you daily!!!

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