Improve Conditions at Allegedly Neglectful Humane Society


Target: Kenneth White, President of Peninsula Humane Society

Goal: Provide better conditions for rescued animals and improve employee training.

Employees of the Peninsula Humane Society in California have blown the whistle on improper procedures which allegedly resulted in the injuries and deaths of several animals under the facility’s care. Animal Control captured footage of a rescued pit bull with his head stuck through a hole in a cage after officers had already requested that the facility inspect all its kennels. The facility’s failure to comply is not likely due to money, as the president of the company, Kenneth White, makes a hefty six figure salary.

When the pit bull was found, his neck and paw were cut and bleeding from struggling to escape. Animal Control was on the scene prior to this incident for anther offense in which a dog’s cage reportedly fell in on him. A spokeswoman for the facility, Lisa Vanbuskirk, basically said the dog did it to himself. She blamed the dog for breaking the cage rather than acknowledging that the kennel should not have been in a condition to be broken in the first place.

Additional mistakes made by the Humane Society include the alleged loss of a dog who died of heatstroke in one of the facility’s trucks. The pet was reportedly rescued from a hot car and then put into the back of an un-air conditioned truck, where he likely panicked and seized in his final hour. A group of kittens also reportedly died while in foster care due to poor nutrition. The facility should have been monitoring their situation closer. Further, they have been cited for mistakenly euthanizing a dog, among other offenses.

It appears that the Peninsula Humane Society is under poor management and possibly lacking proper training for its employees. The president of the company, who makes over $600,000 a year, has not been reachable for comment because he is on an extended overseas vacation. While animals under this facility’s care suffer in out-of-date and inhumane conditions, he uses the money from this non-profit to live a luxurious life. White’s employees have previously tried to hold meetings with him, but he refuses to see them with a union representative present. Vanbuskirk accused the employees of just trying to get more money, but they claim it is all about the pets. Show your support and sign this petition to demand that the Humane Society update its facility.


Dear President White,

Allegations that the Peninsula Humane Society is not taking proper measures to ensure the safety if its animal residents is beyond disappointing. While you enjoy exotic vacations and a six figure salary, pets under your care have been injured or killed. It appears that money is not an object, and you have been warned by Animal Control to keep up with maintenance on kennels and cages.

A pit bull allegedly received cuts from a cage with a hole that had not been repaired at your facility. In a video, you can see the blood from his wounds. Others have reportedly been killed, such as a dog who was put in the back of a hot truck after being rescued from a hot car. You can afford to install cooled air in your trucks. We demand that you take steps to update your facilities as well as instill better training for the animal care workers at the Humane Society.


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Photo Credit: Erick Pleitez

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  1. Marsha Squibb says:

    WTF!!! Clean house!Hire QUALIFIED people who actually love animals and want to care for them…again…the animals suffer!!A-holes!!!

  2. Kimberly Mathews says:

    Pathetic you people in that area should be irate you pay taxes you should be saying something about this travesty and abuse,neglect and cruelty. SHIT I will go there for 100,000 and donate 500,000 of the rest of my salary to the animals

  3. They are paid to look after animals not abuse them – something must be done and done quick Haven’t these poor souls suffered enough during their short lives

  4. Anita Culling says:

    You are supposed to be helping animals. This is disgraceful. Please sort yourselves out and do what your paid to do. The animals must be the priority!!!!!

  5. Maria Nowicki says:

    It’s truly sad when a place which should be a refuge for
    animals recovering from abuse and neglect, inflicts MORE
    pain and suffering on the animals.
    These allegations regarding the Peninsula Humane Society
    have been around for a long time.


  6. Mary-Frances Ellis says:

    Mr White does not deserve the title of President. HE needs to be fired, no excuses. He is responsible for these atrocious situations. Yes I point the finger at you, Mr White. This is not the Humane Society & not what it represents.


  8. Jaime Perez says:

    That pos, White needs to be fired now. Living the life of luxury while the animals under his care suffer. And that stupid ho, Vanbuskirk, needs to be buried under a ton of cages! These kinds of people have NO right to care for animals, it’s all a profit game for them.

  9. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared❗️?

  10. WE MUST CHANGE TO A NO-KILL MINDSET — A shelter’s purpose is to shelter, protect, care about & hold animals, indefinitely, until animals are adopted out or transferred to a rescue group — after all, it is called a “SHELTER” for a reason —– Pay a visit to — it’s all about changing policy to a NO-KILL mindset — once again, NKAC headed by Nathan Winograd. — IT CAN BE DONE! — IT HAS BEEN DONE!

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