Justice for Kitten Dead After Being Thrown Out Taxi Window


Target: Khamis Al-Mazeina, Dubai Police Chief

Goal: Investigate the murder of a kitten thrown from a moving taxi.

A kitten was killed after being thrown from the window of a moving taxi. A witness, Nisansala, says she was driving when suddenly a taxi swerved over and two men in the backseat rolled the window down and hurled the tiny kitten into the road. “I could see the kitten flying,” Nisansala said. “It landed and bumped a few times, and then I could see it trying to lift it’s head.”

Nisansala says she went back and got the cat, but the poor animal, whose mouth was frothing with blood, died in her lap on the way to the vet. The veterinarian told outlets that the poor kitten had no heartbeat or respiratory activity, so there was nothing they could do to help. When she tried filing a report, police reportedly said without the taxi number plate, CCTV footage or another witness, they couldn’t investigate.

It seems the police didn’t even try to help this poor kitten. The least they could do is ask that any other witnesses come forward. Nisansala, and the children who were in the car with her, must have been heartbroken to witness this senseless act of gory animal murder. Demand that the police make an effort to find out who killed this tiny animal and bring them to justice.


Dear Chief Al-Mazeina,

A woman saw two men throw a kitten from a moving taxi. She took the injured animal to the vet, but it died in her lap en route.

When she attempted to file a report, the witness says police turned her away saying they couldn’t investigate. If this is true, it would seem the police don’t care about cruelty to animals. Animal abusers are known for their tendency to also abuse humans, even children. We demand that an effort be made to find the dangerous people who did this and bring them to justice before more creatures are harmed.


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Photo credit: TEDxWellington NZ

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  1. Those kind of people need to just go straight to hell n suffer for eternity. I’m glad that lady helped that poor kitten. How awful to have seen that . Hope they get caught n get thrown off a cliff into a fire of hell

  2. Maria Mahyorova says:

    They can’t investigate? Really? Would they say the same if it was a child instead of a kitten? Obviously no. Do your job, *******! There are ways to investigate such things, go learn!

  3. Bev Woodburn says:

    Someone knows who these animal torturers are. Please put these animal torturing monsters to death.
    Rest in peace kitty. They will soon know what it is like being tortured to death for their vile and evil punishment they fully deserve. Down with animal torturing human lowlife monsters. Eradicate this lowlife filth from this planet.

  4. Victor Marak says:

    Dubai is a shithole even for human beings and highly rigged power syste, don’t expect this case to get resolved so easily. Previous cases of human rape and violence also went unresolved or badly solved in the past, what do you expect from this shit turds of Middle East.

    Pray for the kittens soul and try to find out who did this and confront them and then punish them.

    Given the climate in Dubai, it’s unlikely the kitten would be surviving on its own anyways and it’s purely for the entertainment of the so called owners. I lived there for a short time and I dislike the sham of the city with all the right reasons.

  5. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Time for a linching❗️?
    Signed & Shared ?

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