Puppy Disemboweled and Killed – Demand Punishment


Target: Chief Bill Citty, Oklahoma City Chief of Police

Goal: Justice for puppy reportedly slain by disturbed man.

The corpse of a six-week-old pit bull puppy was found disemboweled under the bed of an Oklahoma City man, who has been charged with the brutal torture and murder of the animal, according to reports. Dallas Hicks, the alleged killer, claims he “didn’t mean to do it” and reportedly apologized to his mother for his actions. He has yet to be formally arraigned or charged, and his neighbors are horrified to be living in the same neighborhood as someone who would purportedly do such a thing.

This puppy did not deserve this horrible fate. The poor animal was still only a baby, two weeks under the average age for puppies to be considered old enough to leave their mothers and be weaned. Torturing and killing any animal is a disgusting crime, but it takes on a whole new level of horrifying when the animal is so young and helpless. In addition, pit bulls are already horribly maligned by society in general due to misconceptions. This incident is another black mark on a list already too long.

Hicks is said to be mentally ill and in need of help, but it does not excuse his reported crime. The accused must be dealt the proper consequences for his alleged crime, in addition to receiving the mental help he appears to need so badly. It is too late to do anything for the poor puppy, but the animal’s death need not be in vain. Sign this petition to demand Hicks face justice if found guilty.


Dear Chief Citty,

A young puppy was found brutally slaughtered under the bed of Dallas Hicks, who reportedly admitted to the crime and was arrested. The legal fate of the accused has yet to be announced, but he needs to face justice for his actions. This puppy was only a baby and did nothing wrong; it did not deserve such a horrible end. Pit bulls are already unfairly treated by society at large, and the death of this puppy is another unnecessary example whether or not the dog was killed based on their breed.

The accused is said to be mentally ill, but that does not excuse his alleged actions. Please ensure that he is punished as severely as possible for the alleged murder of an innocent animal.


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Photo Credit: RescueWarrior

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  1. Give me a break. What if the victim was an innocent defenseless …. child. Would we still be saying he “needs help?” Any idiot can say that “he didn’t mean to.” But this isn’t like a slipped and fell. Disembowelment is a process you commit to and are aware of during the horrific time the victim is experiencing it.

    Maybe someone will visit Dallas Hicks and temporarily have a psychotic break and disembowel him. Afterwards you can just say you are sorry and that you went temporarily insane and thought he was an innocent defenseless animal. You should get off scott free in OKC apparently.

  2. Nancy Hinton says:

    He didn’t mean too ?! Seriously ! What did he mean to do. Obviously he was mentally aware enough to know to hide the poor thing. Prosecute him. and his mother for not watching her “mentally ill” son well enough to prevent it.

    • I believe you are correct his Mother is aware of his illnesses, and never should have let this happen, It doesn’t say his age,if he is a older adult that has too live at home.I think she is most likely ill herself. And forgetting about this family help’s no one they have approximately 9 shrinks in prison He can get his meds and be with other violent offenders. And I would not want him in the same apartment building as me.Do something fast.

  3. Maureen Downs says:

    This person needs locking up before he commits anymore abhorrent acts he is obviously deranged. We must keep him away from any animal or human, who know what he is capable of.

  4. Dahmer was “mentally ill” too. Anyone who does such a thing is BUT there is no rehabilitation for such defective beings. They need to be killed before they kill again.

  5. Nicole Mariani says:

    This guy deserves to be disemboweled and dead!!!

  6. As a nurse in Central London for nearly half a century, I faced innumerable and varying situations involving adults and children, in elective and emergency situations. The tiny babies and toddlers bought into a few of the hospitals I worked in, who had been disembowelled, were nearly all found to have been raped.

  7. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared ?

  8. Kill that asshole

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