Justice for Dog Starved and Left by Dumpster to Die


Target: Patrick J. Griffin, State’s Attorney

Goal: Demand the maximum penalty for the person who reportedly starved a dog and abandoned him by a dumpster.

A dog was left next to a New Haven dumpster, emaciated and near death. His owner reportedly abandoned him after he became sick and could no longer walk. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Shocking photos show Frank, a German Shepherd, lying on a tarp with all of his ribs clearly visible. Found by Super Paws Rescue, a major rescue organization in Connecticut, Frank was taken into their custody and given immediate medical treatment. The rescue located Frank’s temporary caretaker, who reported that his owner abandoned him because he’d developed arthritis and could no longer walk.

Frank is in extremely bad condition and receiving veterinary care. Super Paws Rescue is pursuing animal cruelty charges against his owner and the police are involved. Sign below to demand the maximum penalty in this case.


Dear State’s Attorney Griffin,

An emaciated dog was wrapped in a tarp and left next to a dumpster to die. His owner reportedly abandoned him due to his failing health. We demand justice for this innocent dog.

Super Paws Rescue talked to the dog’s temporary caretaker and learned the shocking truth. Frank, a German Shepherd, was reportedly abandoned because he’d become seriously ill and could no longer walk. The caretaker also reported that Frank was between 14-16 years old, but rescuers claim that he is much younger than that.

Frank is seriously ill and possibly dying of cancer. No dog deserves to be thrown away like trash in his time of need. We demand that you seek the maximum penalty in this case.


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Photo Credit: Super Paws Rescue

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  1. Frank’s owner(s) are low lifes that need to be tracked down and fined for
    abandonment. To abandon and animal when they are sick or possibly
    dying is the lowest you can get. I hope the owner(s) get what they de-

  2. Alice Cheang says:

    Like humans, animals grow old and fall sick too. People can’t just abandon them out of convenience. Pets are a lifetime commitment! Poor doggy! Send his owner to jail please!

  3. The owner(s) of this dog need to be put in jail for a long time (5 years or more) and when they get out be saddled with a stiff fine. There is NO EXCUSE for abuse!

  4. Barry Wolseley says:

    Makes me angry enough to kill the cocksuckers.

    • Alice Picott says:

      I agree. Animals have no recourse to this cruelty. These sub-humans should be off our planet. A man in Springfield Oregon nearly killed a very small terrier last summer, kicking the poor pup in the head repeatedly..
      He got 4 days in jail. Disgusting

  5. monstrous stupidity… Should be found and jailed!

  6. This is the thing, some people acquire animals as objects, “things”, trophies, for ego…and when the shine wears off (in relation to frailty with respect to old age, disability or sickness), the trophy is thrown right in the garbage can. And we hear stories of people doing this to humans too…and seniors. If this were done to a senior, human, or someone disabled, there would most likely be a much greater punishment, wouldn’t there, yet it is the same difference and equally abhorrent…. FIND the loathsome worm, the good-for-nothing heel, and make an example of the creep…PLEASE for all of us…and FRANK.

  7. At least I give this Asshole a little credit for leaving the dog near a rescue where people could find him.How many other idiots just dump there animals where nobody can find them.

  8. Sonja Chance says:

    Ihope this poor dogs owner gets punished ,preferably starved and left to die evil bastard. Animal cruelty is getting worse, it should not be happening at all, some of the human race are just cowardly evil bastards that can only pick on the defenceless its just disgusting. people like trump and his evil sons and daughter and his bimbo wife are an example of what some of the human race are like regarding aniamal cruelty.

  9. Makes me SICK whenever I learn about ANYONE being abandoned, no matter the species, but ESPECIALLY nonhumans, when they’re the MOST in need of compassion and help! Vile monsters who commit such unfeeling acts would be better off in deep space, where they can’t inflict any more suffering upon anyone, much less a helpless animal who can’t get help on their own.

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