Demand Justice for Turkeys Allegedly Cut Open and Boiled Alive

800px-An_injured_turkey via Mercy for Animals

Target: Lawrence MacAulay, Canadian Minister of Agriculture

Goal: Improve animal welfare laws to eradicate the torture of animals during slaughter.

Turkeys were allegedly abused, tortured, and scalded alive by workers in a Lilydale factory farm in Abbotsford, British Colombia. Video taken by rights group Mercy for Animals appears to show animals being violently shackled upside down on a conveyor line before having their heads dipped into an electrified water bath. The animals are dipped into scalding water and have their throats cut open and heads ripped off, some while being completely conscious.

While the electric shock process is meant to knock out the animals, it sometimes only causes them extreme pain. The conveyor belt then runs the animals over a “kill blade,” which is meant to slice their throats. Some animals are left mangled but alive after this procedure. Finally, the turkeys are thrown into vats of scalding water to de-feather them. The animals unlucky enough to be alive when dumped in experience excruciating pain before dying.

These animals die a shocking death, yet their lives are not much better. Many are kept in tiny, feces-filled cages for much of their lives and will not see the sun or breathe fresh air. They suffer from myriad health conditions, including infections, respiratory disorders, and open wounds. The welfare organization also made claims that sick and injured turkeys are put on the slaughter line and sold to unsuspecting customers.

Unfortunately, these shocking practices are commonplace throughout the poultry industry. In order to stop this injustice, animal protection regulations must be strengthened and oversight must be improved. Sign the petition below to demand that Canada improve animal welfare laws to ensure as much suffering as possible is eradicated from the slaughter process.


Dear Mr. MacAulay,

Rights group Mercy for Animals recently released footage, allegedly taken at a Lilydale turkey farm in British Colombia, showing turkeys being tortured before slaughter. They are first violently shackled on a conveyor line by their feet before having their heads dipped in electrified water. Some still conscious, the turkeys are then dragged over a kill blade, which is designed to slit their throats but sometimes only mangles them. They are then dropped into a vat of boiling water, some still conscious and alive.

This shocking abuse is common throughout the poultry industry. In order to save millions of animals each year from this torture, animal welfare laws must be improved. We, the undersigned, ask that you work to eliminate the widespread abuse in Canadian factory farms.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Mercy for Animals

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  1. Fiona Ingram says:

    What kind of people do this to helpless creatures, such rampant cruelty, and then calmly go home to their families????

  2. ROSEMARY Anderson says:

    What vile people you must be to allow this obscenity although the world shouldn’t be surprised seeing you are the murderers of thousands of helpless seal pups every year. You are getting worse than China for cruelty. Call yourself a modern country – backward, cruel, obscene is what I say.

    • Yes, the annual senseless and brutal clubbing of baby seals, for fashion, and Canada the ONLY country that permits hunting polar bears for sport, ALL OTHER COUNTRIES banning the hunt (for other than subsistence purposes). Backward country, inhumane and barbaric…cruel.

  3. What the hell is wrong with this world that we would allow anyone to do this to an animal. They should have the same thing done to them because they are worthless and don’t deserve to walk the face of this earth. They need to go where they belong in hell.

  4. Cynthia Mattera says:

    Heartbreaking to see what animals go through for our food. Tortured by workers, scalded, slice, killed while FULLY ALIVE!!! Things need to change. These people need to be held accountable for their violence and death of these helpless birds. Please prosecute tot the fullest extent of the law. Make it mandatory for camera’s to be in ALL factory farms and slaughterhouses. Stop this!!!! I pray one day no animal is killed for meat, fur, or leather!!!!

  5. Marjorie Coey says:

    I have decided to never eat turkey again…this type of disgusting treatment of turkeys is going on all over…

  6. Once regarded as a leader in environmental protection, Canada has fallen, dead last recently, at the bottom of the list in ranking for environmental protection; 14th out of 16 countries in the world when it come to environmental stewardship in April 2016…however leadership has changed – will things turn around, only time will tell.
    And now THIS…all the abuse that occurs behind closed doors at windowless facilities (farmed animals for the meat, dairy and egg industries are among the most abused everywhere). Doesn’t THAT say a lot about human nature or perhaps those who work at farmed animal facilities.
    The abuse described in this case is HORRENDOUS. Clearly, increased enforcement and monitoring is needed; an installation of cameras in all slaughterhouses as in Israel, for example, or it will never end… In order to save millions of animals each year from widespread abuse in Canadian factory farms, farmed animal protection and welfare laws must be IMPROVED and the inspection of slaughterhouses rise to the next level. “Zero tolerance” policy regarding animal rights violations and the sacking of those who fail to meet even the most minimum requirements of the law, a too common occurrence…and owners charged if they say “they did not know”, a case of neglect.

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