Attacker Who Stabbed Dog Repeatedly Must be Found and Punished


Target: Martha Montalvo, Houston Chief of police

Goal: Find and harshly punish the unidentified man who stabbed a dog repeatedly in the face.

A dog that was securely locked behind a gate was stabbed repeatedly by an unidentified attacker who’s still on the loose. Footage captured by a home surveillance system shows a man standing at the gate, stabbing and slicing the dog’s face dozens of times. The attacker can be seen raring back with all his strength and force each time he delivers another stab. It appears that he intentionally aims for the dog’s mouth, nose, and face. He then strolls away carelessly after the nauseating cruelty. The dog’s current condition is unclear.

This was clearly an act of senseless violence as the animal posed no threat to the attacker outside the gate. Police say the owner didn’t recognize the attacker in the video. If serious action isn’t taken to find this vile man as soon as possible, then the chances of him being brought to justice are slim. Please sign this petition to urge authorities to stop at nothing to find the person who did this and see to it that he’s given the most severe punishment possible.


Dear Chief Montalvo,

A harmless dog was stabbed in the face repeatedly in a senseless act of cruelty. Surveillance footage captured the vicious attack, but the man’s identity remains unknown.

If this sadistic, dangerous person isn’t found and apprehended soon, more innocent animals could end up hurt or killed. That’s why we are asking you to make it a priority to find him and help ensure that he receives the most severe penalty possible.


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Photo Credit: oaphoto

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  1. ROSEMARY Anderson says:

    Catch this vile attacker and stab him in the face, its the only punishment that is acceptable for such cruel deranged behavior.

  2. Cheryl A High says:

    Surely this person can be caught and charged with a felony…hopefully convicted and given maximum sentencing to keep him behind bars as long as possible..

  3. Another person that needs to be prosecuted to the fullest. America wake up!!!! There is way too much of this malicious abuse going on. They need to catch this person and make an example out of him that we are not tolerating abusing animals anymore.

  4. Cynthia Mattera says:

    This is a very sick and dangerous man. PLEASE find him and lock him up! I hope this poor dog is ok!!!! What a horrible thing to do 🙁


    Authorities please find this monster and severely punish them. This is so deplorable and no dog deserves to be so cruelly and
    horrifically treated. If I lived in the neighborhood we would have a neighborhood watch and the demon who did this would be caught and in jail where they belong.

    I hope the dog recovers…………..poor thing.

  6. Alice Cheang says:


  7. Ladonna Courey says:

    Dear Chief. There seems to be allot of crazy psyco people in your territory. What is up with that???? DO SOMETHING! There are thousands of people with total brain function that would love to assist you in this matter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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