Stop Selling Highly Social Marsupials Into Cruel Captivity


Target: Kent Hojem, CEO of Washington State Fair

Goal: Stop the sale of marsupials at Washington State Fair.

Sugar gliders are small, nocturnal marsupials who live in large social groups. However, these animals are becoming a popular household pet where they are typically forced to live in a cage alone with many disturbances during their “sleep time.” The Washington State Fair plans on hosting the company, Pocket Pets, which is a traveling company that sells animals, mostly sugar gliders.

In the wild, these animals spend their time socializing with other sugar gliders and bouncing around from tree to tree. Their natural nocturnal cycle and desire to run and jump around large areas does not make them suitable for homes. Typically, sugar gliders in captivity are handled improperly, fed unnatural diets and spend their lives stuck in cages.

Sign this petition and demand the Washington State Fair cancel its plans with Pocket Pets. These animals belong in the wild, not in a person’s home.


Dear Mr. Hojem,

Your fair is planning on hosting the company Pocket Pets, which is a company that sells animals, mainly sugar gliders.

Sugar gliders are small, nocturnal marsupials that enjoy living in large social groups and bouncing around from tree to tree. Life in captivity is much different. Typically in captivity, these animals are trapped in cages, alone, fed an unnatural diet, handled improperly and have disrupted sleep cycles.

Please do not host Pocket Pets. These animals deserve to be living in the wild among friends, not stuck alone in a cage.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Missy Autumn

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  1. Fiona Ingram says:

    What is wrong with people???????

  2. The petition should also state that it is ANIMAL ABUSE,punishable BY LAW, otherwise those, greedy, inbred, corn faced POS won’t listen. I know, because I tried talking to everyone involved when Pocket Pets were selling them at RV shows here – no one cared.

    • Sad. Without education early on, or at any point in time really, with regards to the organic, larger whole and a sense of real connection to it…the miracle and living science it all…there may be a void, a hole, a lack of thinking…and non-comprehension. It’s a greater consciousness that’s going to take everything to the next level, or so it’s said (and that’s bigger than just “me, me, me”). Abuse it is…painful, unthinking.

  3. Dominique Le Frapper says:

    We need laws with teeth…. Everyone caught mistreating animals should have to pay a heavy fine and the money used to finance animal police officers…

  4. Size is not an indication of value…or SENTIENCE. Remarkable intelligence runs through all species and the more we learn, the more we need to protect and respect. The crime is in thinking that small lives have no value…or feeling. Treating something living as an inanimate object… Cruelty on the part of animal suppliers (self-interested and seeing dollar signs, exploiting) and thoughtlessness, inadvertent or otherwise, on the part of those who give these complex helpless little creatures as PRIZES.
    Captive diet, further, does not come close to replicating the abundance of necessary nutrients in the wild. MANY alternative cruelty-free prizes… Kent Hojem, Washington State Fair, please re-consider.
    In relation to the day and age we’re in, it’s time that live animal exploitation is banned across the board, not just at the Washington Fair, at all fairs and all other “entertainment” venues…

    • And if this be hosting instead of prizes, the same holds true…
      Artificial captivity strangles the life of a highly social wild creature, suppliers seeing dollar signs, exploiting… Wild animals belong in the wild, not trafficked, manipulated and bought, on impulse, as pets. Animals are not objects – they are conscious and should be treated as such.

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