Kittens Used as Bait in Pit Bull Fights – Demand Justice

Target: Krishna Abrams, Solano County District Attorney

Goal: Find and severely punish the person who used kittens as dog-fighting bait.

Two tabby kittens suffered extreme damage to their legs after being used as bait in dog fights, according to the animal rescue center where they were dropped off. Rescuers say their tiny legs were bound with rubber bands, which rendered them completely helpless as they couldn’t bite, scratch, or fight back in any way. The kittens were named Will and Grace by the rescuing staff, but gangrene set up in Grace’s legs and she didn’t survive. Will is still recovering, and the rescue center’s staff says that he should be ready for adoption soon.

An investigation is being conducted by the Solano Sheriff’s Animal Control Services to try and locate the unknown woman who dropped the kittens off. Outlets say the authorities are trying to uncover illegal dog fighting rings in the area. However, these innocent, tiny kittens deserve justice and the person who committed this sadistically cruel act should be behind bars.

Please sign this petition to demand that Will and Grace get their justice and that their abuser is found and punished to the most severe extent the law will allow.


Dear Ms. Abrams,

Two kittens were used as bait in pit bull fights. They suffered severe damage to their legs, which were bound so that they couldn’t fight back, and one had to be euthanized.

An investigation to uncover any dog fighting rings is being conducted by the Sheriff’s Animal Control Services. However, we’re calling on you to help bring these tiny animals justice by making sure that this sadistic kitten murderer is found and punished as severely as possible.


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Photo credit: Solano County Friends of Animals

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  1. Whoever did this is a phycopatic monster and deserves to be imprisoned. One wonders what goes on in these sick minds…..

  2. Animal cruelty is a crime and these criminals need to be found and punished! What kind of sick and pathetic person could do this?! What a disgrace to human kind.

  3. No free passage for perpetrators.
    In the name of my Holy God and Jesus Christ, forgive me for my many sins. May I be cleansed enough, may I be pure enough through the blood of your only begotten son, Jesus Christ, to beg your help for these lost brothers. I beg you to please help them to see the error of their ways. Please send your justice into their lives, into the lives of the innocent kittens, and into the families of all those involved. Help them, dear Lord, and your Will be done.

    Thank you, Father, for always hearing and answering my prayers. Please assist the lost, ignorant sinners that I know you love. REPENT, you a..holes, or pay the price of the biggest lesson of your life. (To everyone here on this site who hates these heartless bastards – LOVE YOUR ENEMIES, AND PRAY FOR ALL WHOM YOU DESPISE; do it with love and concern and God will kick their mother f…in’ butt and slam them to the ground. I promise. There is justice in the world.)

  4. Crystal Whittington says:

    People like this make me sick… I like to tie their legs up and hands and throw them in with the damn dogs… And them having dogs fighting in the first place is disgusting

    • Agreed. But it sure doesn’t seem that their spending enough time finding these, spawns of Satan. Maybe we need to start our own group. Can’t be that hard to get in there. But, I’m afraid they wouldn’t make it to booking. Not if I was present. Just think, if they can do this to kittens, or dogs, or whatever else crosses they’re sick fucking minds…..What is it that they are capable of doing to humans??? I’m so sick of these psycho’s, I’d be more than happy to save more air for us, by removing theirs completely….

  5. hakan alaboz says:

    If they do not respect the lives other living beings, I do not respect theirs. They do not deserve to live.

  6. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    I want them to rot in hell❗️?
    Signed & Shared ?

  7. These people are demons that deserve the same treatment! Demonic monsters! They deserve to rot underneath the prison for their entire life! This is the most horrid thing someone could do!

  8. Find this perp and grind them up for prison food.

  9. lynn woods says:

    I’ve heard of this being done before up here in Canada there was a dog fighting ring broken up years ago that did this with puppies and kittens and they were stealing pets and using them for practice these degenerates ought to be hung what terrible cruelty the sick bastards

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