End Animal Testing at Oxford University

Target: Chris Patten, Chancellor of Oxford University

Goal: Put an end to the excessive use of animals in cruel lab experiments at Oxford University.

Figures provided under the Freedom of Information act have recently revealed that the Oxford University research labs have been responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of animals. University spokespeople continue to assert that this activity is necessary for their medical achievements, but there is no denying that these numbers are dramatically in excess of many of the other top research institutes in the country. This slaughter must be stopped immediately.

The student newspaper The Tab was the first to investigate the figures, discovering that Oxford was responsible for the deaths of 202,160 animals in 2012 alone. These include 29 monkeys, 2,040 reptiles, 41 ferrets, 18 pigs, and 75 guinea pigs, and roughly 196,000 rodents. A university spokesman claims that the high numbers are necessary and have made the university a leader in advancements in disease treatment. Animal rights groups, however, are alarmed at just how many animals are used in testing procedures compared to other labs around the world.

Michelle Thew, chief executive for the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection, responded to this claim, saying, “Humane alternatives already exist so Oxford University should be leading the field in pioneering alternatives to animal experimentation, instead of causing more suffering and distress.” This is certainly true. While animal experimentation has contributed to advances in the past, it is the general consensus among medical researchers around the world that new alternatives which don’t use animals are more effective. Despite the fact that Oxford continues to assert the necessity of their practices, they make no mention of the fact that more than 90 percent of treatments that pass animal testing fail in human trials.

Perhaps most importantly, public opinion is that animal testing should be reduced, if not done away with. But the university doesn’t appear concerned about what the people receiving the treatments they pioneer actually want. Please sign the petition below and demand that Oxford University end its unnecessary and excessive use of animals in their research labs.


Dear Chancellor Patten,

The student newspaper The Tab recently investigated Oxford University’s animal testing record through the Freedom of Information Act, and discovered that you are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of animals in your research labs. Numbers in 2012 alone totaled 202,160. This slaughter is beyond excessive and must be stopped immediately.

Oxford has been a leader in medical advancements for centuries, but it seems rather naïve not to maintain that leadership by pioneering and making use of new, more effective, testing methods that do not involve animals. Many of these methods are already widely available and are far more effective than animal testing. Studies have shown that more than 90 percent of treatments that pass animal tests fail in human trials.

I strongly encourage you to put an end to the torture and unnecessary slaughter of hundreds of thousands of animals.


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  1. Patricia Wicker says:

    This MUST BE STOPPED!!!!!!!

  2. Chris Speechly says:

    Honestly, you’re a British institution; I’d like to think these dated practices would be more at home in a Taiwanese institution

  3. I thought Oxford was supposed to be a forward thinking institution so I’m surprised that it uses such outdated practices like live animal testing. What a disgrace! They should be shamed & embarrassed.

  4. Alexandria Walker says:

    The horrific and sadistically cruel conditions Oxford University inflicts on animals by torturing them in their archaic labs is horrific, immoral and unparalleled in both its cruel intent and apathetic nature and the same should happen to them and any “human” who supports it. These animals did nothing wrong. The lot of them don’t have half a brain between them and are incapable of moving on to more humane alternatives. These morons are teaching young minds, shame on you all.

    Its not medicine its madness, its not science its insanity. I am not so important that any animal should suffer and die for me.

  5. Stop testing on animals why don’t you trying on yourself ? Stop abusing animals
    It’s inhuman act.

  6. Just ask for human volunteers or for the student faculties to volunteer as they can decide if this is something they are interested in doing or not. Animals don’t speak human languages and we humans don’t speak any of their languages either, so it’s not possible to ask them if they wish to be treated so heinously and die at the universities cruel hands. Therefore it stands to reason that these institutions should ask for volunteers within their own fraternity and see if they like the treatment, torture and absolute terror they dish out to their animal brethren? I guarantee this would soon cease because these humans, who do this are for the most part cowards. I’ll just say…This is the 21st century in the year of 2013 and why anyone who has any intelligence what so ever, still stinks this torture is a good idea and allowable is beyond my comprehension.

  7. Nancy elizabethkeislingMiller says:

    this is simply just wrong

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