Thank FEMA for Saving Dogs Stuck in Floods


Target: William Craig Fugate, Director of Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

Goal: Thank FEMA for going above and beyond to help the dogs stuck in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.

Hurricane Matthew recently made its way through much of the east cost of the United States. Thankfully, most people were able to escape the storm’s disastrous winds and rain, however, many dogs were left behind to fend for themselves during this deadly storm.

Thankfully, rescue came soon after the storm passed. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) went to affected areas and helped not only people, but countless dogs. In addition, FEMA has been posting pictures of the dogs saved to its Facebook page hoping that their owners will see.

Sign this petition to thank FEMA for going above and beyond to save all lives from the deadly floods and helping dogs reunite with their owners.


Dear Mr. Fugate,

FEMA has been extremely busy lately following the devastation of Hurricane Matthew. Rescuers have gone out in the floods in order to save those stuck in the affected areas, however they have not only helped people, but countless dogs.

Not only is your agency taking these animals to safety, but they are trying to reunite them with their owners. FEMA has been posting many pictures to its Facebook page hoping owners will see and can reunite with their beloved companions.

Thank you and your team for going above and beyond to save all lives from this devastating storm. It is inspiring to see people doing whatever they can to aid the helpless.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: FEMA

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  1. God Bless each and everyone of you for saving people’s fur babies. I can’t imagine what it must be like to leave a loved pet behind at such a time. But you all came through and saved the day. I know the whole country thanks you for going above and beyond to save these precious lives!

  2. NOT 0nly FEMA but many “private” rescues, such as “Best Friends”, and
    “Alley Cat Allies” etc also rescued animals……

    Unlike in Hurricane Katrina, people were not kept out of their homes for MONTHS or longer…..people from Katrina were often bussed to Houston and other places……this didn’t happen with Hurricane Matthew.

    However, there clearly needs to be more education to the public in hurricane prone areas…..many hotels which DON”T take in pets normally, WILL take them in an emergency like a hurricane……also, since Katrina, some shelters now take in pets……it may be that people who left pets (with extra food and water) just didn’t know of their other options….as a Floridian, I’m very well aware of hurricanes and how people act….many PANIC and FLEE who don’t need to!

  3. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    I don’t know HOW ANYONE can leave a helpless animal in a disaster area – one they themselves can’t put in the rear view mirror fast enough? Don’t have pets of any kind if you can’t treat them the same as you would treat yourself!!!

    • EXACTLY, WELL SAID! We would NEVER, EVER leave our furry family behind. Over our cold, dead bodies. I couldn’t live with myself.

  4. Angela Rabon says:

    I live outside of Myrtle Beach, SC and the water is still high and roads are still closed because the Waccamaw River just crested earlier this week. Not myself, but so many who live close to the water, and even those who do not, flooded because we had record flooding. That is why so many did not get out. They never flooded before and did not think it would happen to them. Hurricane Matthew is gone but some people not far from me are still without power. We are thankful to all who have helped humans and animals. Many people leave when there is an evacuation because it is a dangerous to stay if you live in low lying areas and or close to water. I once worked at a hotel that was ocean front. It was left under one-and-a-half floors of ocean water, and sand, after Hurricane Hugo…and it hit McClellanville, SC, right outside of Charleston, which is about sixty miles. The hotel was closed for nine months.

  5. Yes, thank you. But does everyone know that THOUSANDS of farm animals were simply left to drown in locked buildings?? Pigs sitting in gestation crates with little piglets sat helplessly in terror as water rose around them and suffocated them. Where is the justice?? When will farm animals have the same rights and protections as ‘domestic’ animals? Aren’t they all the same???

    • Angela Rabon says:

      I agree with you Marianne. In North Carolina, thousands of farm animals died, and it is heartbreaking. I am against the way farm animals are treated. It sickens me to think that any animal could be treated that way. However, North Carolina was told they were not going to get hit by Hurricane Matthew so they did not have much time to prepare. I believe that is why so many human lives were lost, animal lives were lost, and well over 1,500 people were stranded on their roofs needing rescue. They had record flooding like they have never seen before. They are still in trouble with high water levels. I hate that it happened but nobody had a clue things would be this bad.


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