Demand Justice for Pedals the Bear and Save Bears in New Jersey


Target: Bob Martin, New Jersey Commissioner of Environmental Protection

Goal: Protect black bears from hunting in the wake of internet star Pedals’ tragic death.

A famous New Jersey black bear, nicknamed Pedals for his tendency to walk upright on his hind legs, may have been shot and killed by hunters. Pedals had developed a devoted following amongst New Jersey locals who noticed him roaming through their neighborhoods, resembling a man in a bear costume. In fact, activists had previously campaigned to get Pedals relocated to a wildlife preserve – a movement which garnered over 300,000 signatures and $22,000 in donations. Still, it was unsuccessful.

Concerned parties believe that Pedals was one of nearly 500 bears killed by hunters during New Jersey’s recent five-day black bear hunting season. The hunt was already controversial, as this season marked the first time hunters could legally use a bow and arrow in New Jersey since the 1960s.

The Department of Environmental Protection has stated that it is impossible to identify a bear that has not been tagged, or had a DNA sample taken in the past. They are unsure that Pedals was one of the victims of hunting season – nevertheless, the bipedal bear’s online following has already begun to mourn. One bereft fan tweeted that “Pedals the bear being gunned down by mercenaries is the icing on the cake that is 2016,” and Gothamist went so far as to say that Pedals had been “assassinated.” While the death of this one unique bear is certainly tragic to some, there is one aspect of the online outcry which exposes a broader problem: fans have accused the New Jersey authorities of failing to protect the bears.

Black bears in New Jersey have been expanding in both population and range since the 1980s, with confirmed bear sightings now in all 21 of the Garden State’s counties. Given that New Jersey is also the state most densely populated with people, it becomes especially important to adopt smart bear practices, for the safety and well-being of both species. To avoid more sad stories, the Department of Environmental Protection must adopt more stringent protection measures, and encourage bear safety practices amongst all New Jersey residents.


Dear Commissioner Martin,

As I’m sure you have heard, Pedals the bear was believed to have been shot and killed by hunters during New Jersey’s recent black bear hunting season. This comes as a tragic shock to many, who had grown fond of the bear for his unusual upright walking habit. Some of Pedals’ fans are expressing great outrage that bows and arrows were unleashed on bears who have never harmed anyone, and that state authorities are not doing enough to protect the bears.

Black bear populations and range have been expanding in New Jersey in the past several decades, and in such a densely populated state, it becomes especially important for authorities to enforce conservation measures and bear safety practices.

Recreational bear hunting should not be permitted – it leads only to sorrow, as with the likely death of Pedals. Hunting should be used only in dire circumstances, for population control or if a bear becomes aggressive. Instead, you should promote bear protection, and educate the public on safe bear practices, such as securing garbage cans.

Please do your part to ensure that bear and human residents in the Garden State are able to coexist peacefully.


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Photo credit: Pedals the Bear Facebook Page

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  1. Holly Moloney says:

    This petition letter states bear “hunting should be used only in dire circumstances, for population control.”

    That’s what this hunt was all about, so the petition is useless.

    • Evelyn Ball says:

      Funny how we think we have the right to kill for so called population control but we don’t do anything about our over populated species.


      • Jette Guyette says:

        I think we definitely need to remove all hunters off the protected species list…

        We should eliminate them with guns, bows and arrows, poisons, and cruel inhumane traps.

        Time is of the essence. Hunters are eliminating the heart and soul of mankind, they have corrupted our children.

        They have no ethics and deserve to die as horribly as they have senselessly killed animals. Animals need to be protected from the evil of this species.

      • Linda Barnett says:

        I couldn’t have put it better myself Evelyn. How very true your comment is!

    • Don’t think so! This is about the “thrill to kill” hunting lobby!!

  2. Wendy Morrison says:


  3. Evidently the murderer is NOT receiving enough death threats since his Facebook page is still up and merrily running?

  4. Bev Woodburn says:

    The lowlife pieces of filth that murdered Pedals must be brought to Justice and jailed for deliberate animal torture and suffering.
    I never thought I could hate with so much detestation against these murdering Hunters who thoroughly enjoy murdering the innocent and helpless Wildlife.They are an abomination and must be stopped and banned from murdering the innocent. If I had my way I would have all these lowlife murdering filthy blood sucking Hunters eradicated from this Planet. Something must be done to punish these animal torturing monsters who delight in murdering the defenceless and innocent Wildlife just like innocent and helpless Pedals.

  5. This is all about killing without population control! The hunting lobby is alive and well in this country! Just like the USDA’s Animal Services, a pathetic excuse for animal management, the thrill of the kill is what hunters need to feel powerful and in control of animals!!! Sad and tragic!!

  6. Gigi Middlebrook Gigi Middlebrook says:

    I hate the person that took this bears life. He was obviously not a threat to anyone or anything. WTF is wrong with people today??????

  7. Let’s begin to consider the lives of our bears — think of our delicate eco-system — there are many ways to manage the bear population — slaughtering them is NOT the answer — your killings are doing WAY MORE cruel and unconscionable damage — BAN BEAR HUNTING — for those who call themselves HUNTERS, you can keep your guns & rifles BUT find another target for your practice — LEAVE THE ANIMALS ALONE and LET THEM LIVE!

  8. Yolanda Bernhard says:

    not always kill – NO – WE take the animals YOUR SPOT AWAY
    STOPS to the animals before it is the mass murders too late

  9. Linda Barnett says:

    How tragically sad! This poor vulnerable and helpless bear did not deserve to lose his life in such a tragic way. Pedals needed man’s help with his disability NOT be hunted down! It is tragic reports like this that make me question WHY? Man does not have the right to take matters into his own hands and take a life, be it man or beast! What is this world all about? I hope the next world will be a much better one than this one!

  10. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared❗️?

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