Protect Koala Habitats From Land Clearing


Target: Mike Baird, Premier of New South Wales

Goal: Revoke proposals that would ease restrictions on land clearing and destroy koala habitats.

About 2.2 million hectares of koala habitat are under threat in New South Wales, Australia. This land is put under threat by the Baird government’s new conservation proposals, which would ease restrictions on land clearing, making it legal to clear more forestland and vegetation. About 8 million hectares of New South Wales would be legalized for clearing, more than one fourth of which would be prime Koala habitat.

Conservationists express fears that little will be done to protect the koalas, especially because the government has denied freedom of information requests regarding the proposals. While the government says its new proposals will actually encourage conservation through incentives for farmers, conservationists worry that the amount of land clearing that could occur under the new proposals would be unprecedented. Australia’s very diverse ecosystem has already been seriously damaged due to land clearing.

To engage in this practice further could irreparably damage the habitats of the many unique animals that call the nation home, including the koala. Sign the petition to demand that the Baird government revoke the environmental proposals it has introduced in order to better protect the habitat of the nation’s koala bears.


Dear Mr. Baird,

Australia is home to the world’s most exotic and majestic animals, animals that should be protected. However, a new proposal under your government would loosen restrictions on land clearing, threatening the existence of one of Austrialia’s most famous animals: the koala bear.

Over 2 million hectares of koala habitat would be destroyed due to this proposal. Australia has already experienced great environmental loss and destruction due to land clearing. It cannot afford to see another species suffer because of it. Please revoke the proposal your government has introduced so that the habitat of the koala bear can be protected and preserved.


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Photo Credit: Erik Veland

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  1. The Koalas land is being sacrificed to highways and developments, OK, Australia, can you say HYPOCRITES?
    I thought you were “all about” the natural species of Australia, to the point of POISONING millions of cats, outdoor pet cats and feral cats, because they are an “invasive species”…..well, first of all, what about dogs, what about HUMANS and their cars and all the things they have long since brought to Australia?

    If you’re going to kill Koalas TOO, what is the rationale again for killing all the millions of cats? IT MAKES NO SENSE!

    • I’m a passionate animal advocate Lajeanne but there’s a big difference between koalas (which are fast running out of bush in which to live, breed, feed etc.), and feral cats which kill millions of native animals and their babies each year. Do we lose entire native, iconic species to feral cats or do we try and control the feral cat problem – and it’s a HUGE problem here in Australia – humanely and quickly? I hate the senseless death of any animal but I hate even more that we’re losing bird, lizard and mammal species that are native only to Australia to these feral cats. If you’re going to be upset and angry about feral cat deaths then you also have to be upset and angry about the deaths that they themselves are causing. It’s choosing the lesser of two evils unfortunately 🙁
      What I hate even more is the fact that people aren’t sterilising their cats which leads to the increase of ferals because they turn the kittens loose after they stop being cute. And you’re absolutely right – sometimes I think this world would be better off if us humans didn’t exist. We’re the biggest feral pest of them all.

  2. Now the Koalas, these people are destroying the land all over the world and a day is coming where they will really regret what they have and are doing. I just don’t get it that we the society just don’t seem to care that all of these animals are close to be gone

  3. Rosslyn Osborne says:

    We are pleading to the very person who back-peddled on saving multiple thousands of Greyhounds?? Shame on him!
    This country is number 1… Yep, number one in the world for the most EXTINCT animals. So very proud to be an Aussie?
    They all sway with the wind where the biggest money flows, such a shameful record and now they are trying to wipe out Koala’s as well.
    Darn right shameful and disgusting.

  4. Gigi Middlebrook Gigi Middlebrook says:

    These animals are some of the cutest animals on the planet and deserve to be protected.

  5. What a spineless, weak polly, just like the rest of them, there’s only a few good ones that i know of… progress & over population always comes b4 poor old Animals in the over populated world!!!! start culling all the MONSTERS PLEASE!!!!!!

  6. Maria Mahyorova says:

    Australia is becoming more and more China. No respect to any life – just eat, eat, eat everything. Eat and kill.

  7. Maria Mahyorova says:

    Japan learned to plant many things with almost NO land used! But no, who needs those technologies, we’ll better make a desert everywhere. F*** locusts.

  8. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared❗️?

  9. We MUST protect our koalas along with the rest of our wildlife — we NEED to protect our natural world, our delicate eco-system without which our planet will suffer greatly — scrap your mindless proposal — WHERE will our koalas go? — WHERE will they live?

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