Stop Cruel Plan to Kill Wild Horses


Target: Neil Kornze, Director of the Bureau of Land Management

Goal: Demand that excess wild horses are not euthanized.

Wild horse populations in the U.S. have been growing for years, and in a new attempt to control the population increase, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has recommended that authorities euthanize “excess” horses. This is a cruel and unacceptable solution to dealing with this problem. If Congress passes this recommendation, many of these wild horses will be destroyed in 2017.

Currently, BLM facilities are underfunded and overrun with over 45,000 surplus wild horses. They have tried to alleviate this crisis by enabling them to be adopted free of charge to those willing to take the animals, but not many people have taken advantage of this offer. This new recommendation calls for euthanasia to be used as a way of dealing with the unwanted horses.

Wild horses are not a native species to the Americas. When there are too many, they can overgraze and make life difficult for native species. Allowing for the overpopulation of the species or for the horses to overtake the land is dangerous. But is killing the horses really the best solution that BLM can develop?

They were introduced by humans and they are problem that we should address humanely. Attempts could be made to further promote the crisis and the adoption program that is already in place. BLM could also take measures to prevent current horses from reproducing.

For a long time, these horses have been the symbol of the wild, untamable American spirit. These animals deserve more than to be callously disposed of. Sign this petition to tell BLM to retract its current recommendation and help save these animals from being killed.


Dear Director Kornze,

The Bureau of Land Management’s recent recommendation to use euthanasia as a means to control the overflow of wild horses is a poor solution that condemns many horses to death. There are other ways to control this overpopulation crisis, such as increasing grazing land for the horses or controlling the number of horses that reproduce. Killing should not be the answer to this complex problem.

Wild horses do pose a threat to native species and to the environment, but they are a man-made problem that we have the responsibility to fix in a humane manner. Please withdraw this recommendation and find a less cruel way to solve this problem.


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Photo Credit: JB Stran

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  1. Linda Barnett says:

    No life should ever be categorized as “excess”. The taking of life is not a “solution”. BLM should introduce measures to control reproduction, no question. All life is precious and nobody has the right to make the decision to callously dispose of these creatures.

  2. By “native species” they mean COWS. This is so wrong. Horses were here LONGER than cows and should be afforded all the benefits of a native species. BLM is nothing but a government sanctioned KILL GROUP. I have yet to see anything good done by them. This joke of a organization should be closed down. Ranchers, keep your cows on your own land. We would much rather see horses than your cows on our land.

    • Well said. The BLM is out of control and MUST BE STOPPED, but how.

    • Maria Mahyorova says:


    • I was with an organization called whoa for years and tried to stop this so called BLM we couldn’t do anything they should shut down all they do is kill. they are talking about killing one of America’s heritage animals that helped build the continent that they live on they are nothing but cruel bastards. as for the ranchers fence your land and keep your cows on it and leave the horses in peace they far prettier anyway

  3. The human beings, them, are too numerous on earth!! Not the wild horses. Please, DON’T KILL THEM, THEY ARE THE SYMBOL OF USA , AND ALL YOUR WESTERN MOVIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Maria Mahyorova says:


    • I agree with you one hundred percent humans are the worst prediters ever I think god zigged when he should have zagged when he put man on this beautiful earth he’s done nothing but destroy now they want to kill horses who help man build this continent they are nothing but kill crazy sadists

  4. Carolyn Taylor says:

    I demand that the killing of magnificent wild horses stop, now! Killing these worthy creatures will no longer be tolerated!

  5. The wild horse population has NOT been increasing. There are many reports out there that indicate this. These reports are being outright ignored. Humans need to learn how to exist with other living beings instead of killing anything and everything that becomes inconvenient. We are a shameful, cancerous species. We are spreading like an unwanted virus across the planet. While we are here, we should be looking after other living species. Stop being selfish and share the planet.

  6. I can only repeat Susan Stark’s statement: “Killing these animals is not considered management. The goal is to manage not destroy.”
    If it be true that ranchers’ demands for grazing land are displacing wild horses, who actually replant the land, and/or that the wild horse population is NOT increasing and that thousands of horses have been removed to directly, or indirectly, free up the land for cattle and other “interests”, this is nothing short of a biased “sell-out” to ranching, logging and mining “elements” and a con job with regards to the public…and presentation of information. Where are you at in relation to humane fertility control and seed to rehabilitate the native rangeland if the land is indeed in trouble…
    ONE MORE THING: WHY hasn’t the information that these horses can be adopted FREE OF CHARGE or placed in sanctuaries been BETTER ADVERTISED. This fact is really hardly known among the general public…
    The severity of the situation obviously needs AGGRESSIVE ADVERTISING. Funding MUST be dedicated to this….

  7. I am totally agreed with Bort.

  8. Maria Mahyorova says:

    There\s no population growth, where do you see any growth? On the paper? It’s been already proved that data was falsified.

  9. horses should be protected and given freedom they were here for man before the cow the ranchers or what ever the hell they are should get into another line of business and leave one of America’s heritages alone and let them live come on wild horse protection save them

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