Family Dog Found Dead and Skinned – Perpetrator Must be Found


Target: Tony Golik, Clark County Prosecuting Attorney

Goal: Demand the maximum penalty for the person who killed and skinned a family dog.

A Washington family found their beloved dog dead in their backyard. The fur on his torso and legs had been skinned off in knife-straight lines. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Mr. Magoo, a Lhasa Apso, disappeared while running around his family’s six-acre fenced-in property. Two hours later, his owner found him lying next to their fence, dead and skinned. Markings on Mr. Magoo’s body reportedly showed that he was likely put to sleep in a professional manner. A necropsy is in progress to verify the cause of death.

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office is investigating, but a suspect has not yet been identified. Sign below and demand the maximum penalty in this case.


Dear Prosecuting Attorney Golik,

A family dog was found dead and skinned in his own backyard. The markings on his body suggested that the attack was deliberate and professional. We demand justice for this innocent dog.

Mr. Magoo died in a vicious and brutal attack, reports claim. A veterinarian confirmed that the knife-straight lacerations on his body could only be human-caused. However, the Clark County Sheriff’s Department is waiting on the necropsy results to confirm the official cause of death. Fur was missing from Mr. Magoo’s legs and torso and reports suggest that he was put to sleep in a professional manner.

This cruel attack cannot go unpunished. We demand that you seek the maximum penalty in this case.


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Photo Credit: Cairomoon

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  1. No one is safe when a sick person kills and skins a small animal on it’s own fenced-in property. HUGE wake up call. Sickening display of psychopathy, a new low. In relation to an epidemic, change the LAWS. MAKE anti-cruelty, animal welfare laws the same as human, animals sense and feel equally – the perpetrators are only using an animal as a substitute for human anyway (knowing they can target humans through abuse of an animal with only a slap on the wrist). It’s disgusting.
    …And it will continue, unless the judicial system reorganizes itself around laws and enforcement that meet this day and age’s needs and the times. The following says it all:
    “I was hoping that there would be some logical explanation for why we didn’t respond [no response because the victim “wasn’t human”], but I haven’t found one yet, so…we’re going to investigate and find out where we dropped the ball and we’re going to try to do our best to make it right.” – Under-Sheriff Mike Cook.
    “The amount of fighting we’ve had to do to have this investigated is obscene, I mean it’s obscene, and we’re already devastated and heartbroken.” -daughter of Susanne Baumann.
    Clark County Prosecuting Attorney, Tony Golik… NOW would be a good time to start.

    • I am so sorry to your family for having to go through this. I can not even imagine the pain & suffering you must have been through. This is horrific & can I also say to whoever is in charge of the evil entity that carried this out, Do your job & lock up the maniac that did this. Even if you have no empathy for animals, you need to realise, that if this goes unpunished or you hand out ‘the usual pathetic punishments’ that animal abusers get, you are ignoring the cleare evidence that exists between animal abusers & child abusers

  2. Denise Baudin says:

    Does “professional manner” mean to slaughter with a knife then skin Magoo???? How many dogs did this useless air breather “professionally” kill already? How many more will he kill??? When found, this bum deserves the maximum penalty.

  3. In addition to other previously mentioned obstacles, the county won’t pay for the necropsy [animal autopsy] but needs proof the injuries were caused by a human, so Susanne Baumann and John Gragg are footing the bill themselves…
    (And what about someone on disability…or fixed income, or low to low-middle income …A substantial cost.)
    And I believe I made a slip-up when I said “a small animal on it’s own fenced-in property” in the heat of the moment. To be precise, an animal is not an “it”, an animal is a he or a she, Mr. Magoo a part of the family.
    The big problem is that within the legal system, animals have been considered “property” only, and so, as a result, general overall law will not step up…

  4. Linda Barnett says:

    This shocking and sickening cruelty is unimaginable. Whoever did this, I suspect, targeted the owners of Mr. Magoo. This monster must be found before he/she takes the life of another innocent helpless creature. My heart goes out to Mr. Magoo’s family for losing a much loved member of their family. This evil perpetrator will be found and severely dealt with for the despicable killing of this beautiful little dog who will be greatly missed.

  5. death for those kinds of human beings

  6. Haria Stiffell says:

    The laws need to be changed to make animal welfare the same as humans. Murder is murder and abuse and cruelty of any living creature should be punishable in the same way as for humans. We all need to speak out in order to get these laws changed and enforced. Please sign and share to help make a difference.

  7. Anita Warren says:


    • Anita, the maximum penalty will never really match the atrocity of a crime such as this until domestic animals are classified as MORE THAN just “property” or chattel within the legal system. Legally, “property” has no “interests” or “rights”, unlike humans. A domestic pet’s status is akin to a vase, albeit expensive, or a piece of furniture – vases and furniture don’t have “rights”.
      We all need to speak out in order to get fundamental law changed…
      Anti-cruelty/abuse laws kick in and help, and give more weight, and the recent Class A Felony designation does too, but overall there is still a long way to go in relation to achieving anything close to “human justice” for a beloved non-human member of a family. That said, aggravated animal abuse, the malicious killing of an animal, mental anguish and “threat” in this case may full well provide some serious sentencing if the perpetrator be found.
      Mr. Magoo, you’ve got the whole world at your side, supporting justice, friends, many…and many, many angels.

  8. These worthless p.o.s just need to be PUT out of our society. They are cold and evil. Just give the heinous the death penalty. I’m done reading about all the evil they inflict. They are useless dregs of society. There is nothing productive in them. And they clearly have no conscience. I stepped on my cat’s tail in the dark one morning and I felt like sh*t all day. I could never harm intentionally. That’s the difference when you’re dealing with someone who has a conscience and a caring heart. When it comes to evil people, I have zero amount of caring.

  9. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    This is the worst kind of human filth garbage who doesn’t deserve to breathe the oxygen!!! I hope the prick is done the same way❗️?
    Signed & Shared ?

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