Cat Zipped Into Backpack And Drowned – Demand Justice


Target: Geoffrey Muecke, Chief Judge of the South Australian District Court

Goal: Demand the maximum penalty for the person who reportedly zippered a cat into a backpack and threw it into a river.

A cat drowned after she was zippered into a backpack and thrown in a river. A group of bystanders tried to save the cat, but were unable to reach her in time. Demand justice for this innocent cat.

The RSPCA of South Australia called it “a deliberate act of cruelty.” A female tortoiseshell cat was zippered into a backpack and thrown into the flooded Gawler River. Her desperate cries could be heard from the shore, but the backpack was too far away to be retrieved in time. The cat wore a collar but it did not contain identifying information. She was likely someone’s pet.

RSPCA inspectors are currently investigating. They have asked for the public’s help in identifying the person responsible. Sign below and demand the maximum penalty in this case.


Dear Judge Muecke,

A cat drowned after she was zippered into a backpack and thrown in the Gawler River. The person responsible is still at large. We demand justice for this innocent cat.

The tortoiseshell cat’s desperate cries could be heard all the way on the shore. Trapped in a backpack with no method of escape, she slowly drowned in the flooded river. She died, painfully, before rescuers could reach the backpack.

The RSPCA of South Australia has stated that this torture was deliberate. Whoever is responsible for the death of this innocent cat must receive the maximum penalty possible by law.


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Photo Credit: RSPCA South Australia

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  1. Margaret Houlehan says:

    POS Better hope he never runs into me.

  2. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    Despicable, evil behavior – another subhuman who should NOT be living and breathing on this earth! I’m sure the poor little victim had superior character compared to her vile abuser!!! We must punish and put away these awful excuses for human beings!!!

  3. this just leaves me stunned at the evil vile things these so called human being do, to helpless animals, i just hope that who ever did this their lives are painful and very sad. low life scum

  4. Vicki C Reyna says:

    How sick and demented does someone have to be to do this? The chances that people who do this type of evil towards innocent animals will at some point move on to humans! This cat was given no chance at all for survival. No mercy was shown! Please catch the person who did this and punish them!

  5. Susan Budde says:

    Find him, put his name out there and hopefully, someone will kill him!

  6. So very, very cruel. Heartless. May pain and sorrow follow him for the rest of his days.

  7. Linda Barnett says:

    Find this despicable monster before he/she murders another innocent creature. There has to be justice for this helpless and vulnerable little cat. She must have been terrified! This evil individual must be caught, tried and sentenced to a very, very long time in jail. This abusive cruelty is utterly appalling and the scumbags who subject and kill innocent creatures must pay the price!

  8. KatWrangler says:

    First, thank you to those who heard this cat’s terror and tried to help. I wish more people were like you.
    And I am sorry for the person who lost this cat – no one should have to suffer like you and your cat did.

    This war against cats Down Under is getting out of hand. There is a POS murdering cats and posing with their bodies, posting this on FB. Cats are slaughtered, and when gutted, only rodents are found, yet they are blamed for wildlife decimation. I think humans are far more to blame through habitat loss, pollution, and poisons. But these are “only cats”, so it’s OK. Well, it’s NOT OK – it’s abusive and horrible behavior.

    Take you heads our of your”sand” and find a better solution to ferals. Try putting a bit of effort into TNRing. It does work. Remember your Mouse Plague of 1993, and the subsequent booms in rodent population. You take away your feral cat population, and you’ll get exactly what the hell you deserve. Crop damaging, disease carrying nasty rodents, who are more of a danger to birds and other wildlife than most cats are.

  9. Once again Australia is in the forefront of animal cruelty. This time a poor cat drowned at the hands of a lunatic who is still at large. This is one country that seems to have non existent animal cruelty laws. Apparently the leaders of this country cannot get it together and enact strong laws to protect animals. Deranged people are a part of the Australian society and these people are still free to do their evil deeds. Wake up Australia and start helping these innocent animals, first by strong anti cruelty laws and second keep these mentally deranged people off the streets. Put them away either in an institution for the mentally insane because that is what they belong or remand them to a jail cell for the rest of their lives. The likes of these psychos are not needed in a civilized society and I would hope that Australia is a civilized society because I am beginning to believe otherwise.

  10. Waltraud Usahanun says:

    WHO IS IT?


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